It is no secret that Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David Burtka are fast friends with Elton John and David Furnish. The two celebrity couples have been vacationing together for over five years and even sit together at major events. So it comes as no surprise when Burtka, Harris’ professional chef husband, sent John’s family a massive gingerbread house for Christmas.

Neil Patrick Harris Gifts Elton John Gingerbread House Christmas

Photo: Instagram/eltonjohn

“Wow!! This has to be the most beautiful gingerbread house I have ever seen. Thank-you Neil, David, Harper and Gideon!! Have a very Merry Christmas,” wrote John, 68, along with the photo he posted to Instagram. The house featured the names of Elton, David (Furnish), and their sons, Zachary and Elijah, along with “Furnish-John Family.” And truly, the baked treat looked perfect. Fans were blown away by Burtka’s culinary skills. Comparing it to their own Christmas gingerbread houses, they said things like, “This makes ours look like a council flat,” and, “This is just gorgeous!! Too beautiful to be eaten! Huge congrats to the chef @dbelicious.”


Speaking of Christmas, also take a look at Neil Patrick Harris and Elton John’s preparations for the holidays. It’s safe to say that both families put in a great effort, which paid off really well.

Neil Patrick Harris Elton John Christmas Trees Instagram

(l-r) Elton John & Neil Patrick Harris’ Christmas Trees Photo: Instagram/eltonjohn; nph

Meanwhile, amid rumors of trouble in paradise between John and Furnish, the happy couple shared a photo to Instagram that rubbished all the false statements. The image was of both of them, ten years apart, in honor of their marriage anniversary. In a long, heartfelt message, they explained, “Ten years ago today, we were one of the first couples to embark on a Civil Partnership in the UK. One year ago today, we renewed our lifetime pledge to each other by getting legally married.” They then went on to thank friends and fans for being so supportive. Also throwing light on problems of the less fortunate LGBT people of the world who are “discriminated against,” John and Furnish vowed to continue to try and change their lives for the better. Lastly, they added their signature hashtag, “Share The Love.”

Image Source: Instagram/davidfurnish

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