Matt Barnes may have moves on the basketball court, but when it comes to dating, the Memphis Grizzlies player may want to work on his game a little.

Barnes, 35, was recently stopped and asked by a TMZ photographer if there was any truth to the recent rumors about him dating 27-year-old R&B singer Rihanna. Barnes didn’t deny the rumors, but rather hinted that there was something going on between the two, claiming that he had gone on a couple of dates with Rihanna. “I think it just passed the crush stage, just a little bit,” said Barnes, adding that they’ll “see where it goes.”

Sounds like the beginning of a possible new celebrity couple, right? Well not according to Rihanna. She took to Instagram to not only dispel the rumors, but to also blatantly call out Barnes for being a liar to her 24.5 million Instagram followers. Rihanna posted a screenshot of Barnes’ interview with TMZ and captioned it with a list of vindictive hashtags, including “#thedevilisaliar,” “#shesnotintoyouatall,” “#shesneverevenmetyou,” and “#defamationofcharacter.”


Matt Barnes has yet to respond, other than supposedly commenting, “Hahaaa wow,” underneath Rihanna’s post. It’s probably safe to say that even if he did once upon a time have a shot with Rihanna, it’s definitely not happening now.

Barnes hasn’t had the best track record when it comes to relationships. The NBA star recently went through a highly publicized split from his ex-wife Gloria Govan, and like Rihanna, took to social media to slam her for being an attention seeker and an irresponsible mother to their twin boys.


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