Lebron James may be one of the greatest basketball players of his time, but he’s still humble enough to step back and pay tribute to the great athletes before him, even if they played an entirely different sport. In this case, James paid tribute to retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre.

James took to Twitter to share a note of congratulations for Favre, whose Green Bay Packers jersey number (four) was officially retired and unveiled at Lamdeau Stadium during last night’s game against the Chicago Bears. “Congrats and S/O the Great Brett Favre on the induction tonight at Lambeau Field,” tweeted James, adding the hashtag, “Legend.”

The NBA player’s message has since been retweeted over 2,700 times and liked by more than 7,500 followers, although there were some mixed feelings in the comments section. Some people showed respect for James for congratulating Favre—like one commenter who wrote, “Game recognizes game. Hope you stay healthy so we get to see a lot more of you before you stop playing”—while others surprisingly used the opportunity to actually bash James, although true Lebron James fans were quick to back him up.


In any case, it seems as though his note to Favre was shared with good intentions.

In addition to having his jersey retired, Favre was also gifted Green Bay’s key to the city. The honor comes shortly after Favre’s induction into the Packer’s Hall of Fame back in July. He’s now the first player from the Green Bay Packers to have his jersey retired while at the same time making it into the Hall of Fame.


Image Source: Flickr

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