At just over seven feet, not many people can overpower Shaquille O’Neal, but there is one man who can cast a bit of a shadow over the former NBA star and it is none other than fellow retired basketball player, Yao Ming.

O’Neal, 43, shared a post from his official blog to Facebook with the caption, “Not many people can make me look short.” The article was aptly titled, “Tall Tale! Yao Ming Is A Towering Figure In Professional Sports.” It went on to describe how Ming’s strength on the court is now “worth an entertaining look” when he poses for photos alongside most others who claim to be the “biggest and tallest” in the world of sports. Bear in mind that Yao Ming’s reported height is seven feet, six inches.

The first photo was of Ming, O’Neal, and comedian Kevin Hart (who’s considerably short at five feet, four inches), and O’Neal joked that together they looked like “battery life bars on a cell phone.” The second image was of Ming with pro-golfer John Daly (five feet, eleven inches). The otherwise seemingly tall golfer posted this photo to Twitter with the caption, “I look like a Mini Me?!” Thirdly, there was a photo of Ming and tennis legend Roger Federer, who’s just over six feet tall. Unfortunately, the latter was also put to shame, although they did pose for a funny frame as the two athletes looked into each other’s eyes. The article also showed a tweet from Federer, who wrote, “Hard not to look up to the great @YaoMing. Amazing athlete and national hero.”


After that was a picture of the beast alongside NFL player J.J. Watt, followed by a photo of two contrasts—one of the tallest basketball players (Yao Ming) beside the shortest man ever to play in the NBA, the legendary Muggsy Bogues, who is only five feet, three inches.

Last but not least, Shaquille O’Neal shared another photo of him and Ming and acknowledged the humor of the situation, writing, “Not many people can make me look short which makes this photo even funnier.”

Oddly enough, much of the attention on O’Neal’s Facebook post was about Kevin Hart’s height. One fan quipped, “Not many people can make Kevin Hart look tall,” and another person wrote, “Kevin Hart looks like a 6 yr old nephew of shaq lol [sic].”

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