NBA Finals Predictions: Who Will Win Cavs vs. Warriors Game 7?

Warriors vs. Cavs
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Well, this is it: The guaranteed final game of the NBA Playoffs and the 2015-2016 NBA season as a whole. On Sunday, June 19, the accuracy of all NBA Finals predictions will be made clear when the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers meet in Game 7 of what has been a crazy, back-and-forth series that, if nothing else, has been a lot more exciting and competitive than when these two teams faced each other in the Finals the previous year. More people will be jumping on the bandwagon for Game 7 than any of the previous six, but don’t so searching “Who will win NBA Finals?” and “NBA Finals Game 7 predictions” just yet, because you’ll find all that you need right here. It’s been a wild ride, but the end is nigh, so here are our final Cavs vs. Warriors predictions.

NBA Finals Schedule Thus Far

So far in the NBA Finals schedule, we’ve had six games played. After Games 1 and 2, fans were expecting a similar outcome to last season when the Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in only six games. The repeat was expected due to how the team as a whole was playing; star and league MVP Stephen Curry has spent most of the series in a bit of a slump, and the rest of the Warriors appeared to pick up the slack that often comes with relying heavily on a star player.

Game 3, however, told a different story as the Cavaliers absolutely dominated the Warriors, winning by a stunning 30 points. Cleveland seemed to have patched the holes in their defense—which may have been helped by the absence of Kevin Love, who was a noticeable weak spot—and looked like they were still in the game.

But then Game 4 happened, and Stephen Curry seemed to have gotten his groove back. With 38 points, Curry returned to form and while Cleveland stayed in the game, the final score being 108-97, they still clearly couldn’t compete with a revitalized Golden State team. The series looked like it would be over and done with by Game 5.

Except, Game 5 swung right back in the favor of the Cavs. Curry appeared to have returned to whatever state he was in for the first three games while LeBron James played the best he had all series, dominating the court in spectacular fashion. Golden State tried to come back but it was all for naught.

Who Won the NBA Finals Game 6?

It was a close game—closer than it had any right to be, according to the Warriors—but Cleveland managed to bring it to Game 7 with a 115-101 victory. LeBron James again delivered, scoring 41 points while Kyrie Irving contributed 23. Stephen Curry once again failed to meet performance expectations and then only made matters worse when he was removed from the game late in the fourth quarter for throwing his mouthpiece and hitting a fan—especially since said fan turned out to be the child of one of the Cavaliers’ owners. As of this writing, it looks like he will avoid being suspended from Game 7, but given his current play and state of mind, his presence might not make much of a difference in the first place. This makes for some very interesting NBA Finals predictions as well as interesting Cavs vs. Warriors predictions to come!

Who Will Win Cavs vs. Warriors?

If you’re asking the burning question, “Who will win Cavs vs. Warriors?” then you’re definitely not alone. Everyone has their own Cavs vs. Warriors predictions as well as NBA Finals predictions, and we’re sharing some more of ours.

As just mentioned, Stephen Curry could be the biggest factor in whether or not the Golden State Warriors repeat as champions, but it depends on which Stephen Curry shows up on the court: the one we’ve been seeing most of this series who underperforms, or the star league MVP of the rest of the season. Meanwhile, for the Cavs, LeBron has become a factor and stayed one, so the quality of Golden State’s defense will largely be based on whether they can shut him down and keep him away from opportunities. As for the rest of their respective teams, they have six games with three wins a piece that they can reflect on, and they will need to find what they did consistently when they won and failed to accomplish when they lost, then devise a game plan based around those results.



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