Credit: Facebook/zayn

Does Zayn Malik write his own songs? Music producer Naughty Boy doesn’t seem to think so, reopening his Twitter feud with former One Direction member, Zayn Malik. And here we thought peace was finally achieved in the music business!

For those who may not be aware, Naughty Boy and Malik had a famous falling out last year and haven’t been talking since. So, it’s no surprise that old wounds are being open once again by claims of Malik not writing his own lyrics for his album.

Now, from our understanding there’s nothing illegal about that—after all there are people who are specifically hired to write the best lines in the industry. But lying about it is definitely frowned upon and just unnecessary. So, it came as no surprise that the former One Direction singer fired back with a few bars of his own to his ex-friend’s allegations.

According to Celebrity Now, Naughty Boy wrote a since-deleted tweet threatening to leak Malik’s original song, “Pillowtalk.” This was a response to fan’s question about which song Malik wrote first on his album. In other words, Naughty Boy was suggesting that Malik may not have given enough credit to those involved in the writing process. The two had a falling out because Malik had accused the producer of leaking one of his tracks.

So, is this the last of the mudslinging or will Naughty Boy try not to live up to his name? It seems that Twitter is no longer a safe place for debate but that’s not surprising. What’s interesting is that Naughty Boy deleted his old post, which naturally got recycled online for the world to see. But boys will be boys, even when they’re men.

Do you think Naughty Boy is right? Or does time really heal all wounds? Let us know what you think—we want to hear from you!