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Now that National Boyfriend Day is over, girlfriends across the world want to know when is National Girlfriend Day! Not that women need a special day, but it is on the calendar, ladies! August 1st is observed as National Girlfriend Day, and here’s everything you need to know about this special day.

National Girlfriend Day is not what you think. If you think it’s a day where your boyfriend must do something special for you, then think again. It’s actually a day to celebrate with all your homegirls, and have some fun with them! And since it’s already over this year, we can only wait for next year to make sure we hang out with our closest BFF’s and indulge in some always-appreciated girly time!

Read on to know everything about National Girlfriend Day 2017 and its origin.

How Did National Girlfriend Day Begin?

The holiday is credited to two entrepreneurial women, Allie Savarino and Sally Rodgers. They wanted to make a social media platform for all women to express themselves, and so they created However, the content on the website has since changed. But their intention behind the venture was to put together a “sister circle,” where women who are above 21 could share their experiences or grievances, and receive non-judgmental opinions about problems. had more than 200,000 women on the network, and Savarino (along with her staff) was looking to reach a million people. She said, “Women are seen today to be the drivers of almost all purchase decisions and outside of the home, so there’s a huge number of advertisers who want to reach those women.”

National Girlfriend Day’s origin dates back in 2006, and it has been observed every year on August 1. And although women celebrate each other on a regular basis, a special day dedicated to your closest girls makes the day all the more important.

Girlfriends can be your mother, sister, co-workers, or just plain friends. And everything becomes rosy the moment all the ladies get together. Girls’ night out, pajama parties, or even hen nights, are already a thing that women love to celebrate, so why leave out that special day with your BFF?

Things You Can Do on National Girlfriend Day

Well, it’s not Valentine’s day, so you don’t really need to give out gifts and chocolates, although no one says you can’t! This day is all about bonding and spending time with your favorite ladies!

So, get out and paint the town red, have a glass of wine or tea, or just talk with your homegirl and let out all of your thoughts. She’s there for you no matter what.

If you are out with your mother, get your nails and hair done. Then have some bonding time over lunch or dinner, or with a hot cup of Joe!

Do you want to do something really special with your BFF? Then why not try a DIY activity? Handmade crafts always speak volumes and think about all the fun you can have on your special bonding day.

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Go out to the lakeside, and picnic there for the day. It’s always nice to unwind by the water with your best girls by your side. You can even listen to some great songs and sing along together en route! (Who doesn’t love a good carpool karaoke with your girls?)

Host a book club if you enjoy some reading time. Make a cozy corner in your home, add some pillows, and have some drinks ready. You and your girlfriend can always enjoy the day indoors, too!

National Girlfriend Day: Another Reason to Bond and Share

Although August 1 is not an official holiday, it’s a great way to end the summer and get into the upcoming holiday spirit. It’s not just about being with your girlfriend, it’s about sharing time and experiences with her. And even though many confuse the holiday with National Boyfriend Day (which is for couples), National Girlfriend Day is ladies only!

Social media nowadays is all about the latest trends. And this year, Twitter and Instagram were flooded with girly bonding time like no other.

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