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Brace yourselves fans of Sonic Youth, because lead singer Kim Gordon’s new song will make you nostalgic! If you’re searching for “Murdered Out, listen online” or “Murdered Out stream online,” search no more, because we’ve got the details right here! The “Murdered Out” download is also available so you can listen until you know it by heart! But you may have to listen to it on repeat to learn the lyrics as the “Murdered Out” lyrics have not been published just yet!

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All she needed was one song to get our attention, and this one did the trick! Kim Gordon spoke to Rolling Stone about what inspired her to write the song. The singer moved back to her native Los Angeles dwelling and she noticed the prevalence of matte-black lowrider cars sprayed with matte-black logos. She told Rolling Stone, “I was interested in how [black matte spray] is a subliminal way of X-ing yourself out of the culture.” Known for her goth-industrial sound, her new song expresses a rejection of the status quo, and “purging the soul.”

Her mentality behind the song is quite relevant, considering the mass disappointment American society seems to have against politicians, regulations and methods of operation. Perhaps the message behind “Murdered Out” also expresses what many Americans are currently feeling – but that’s for you to decide!