Comedian Ms Pat performs at Morty's Comedy Joint in Indianapolis, Indiana July 28, 2017. (Photo by Chris Bergin for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

About Ms. Pat
Known AsPatricia Williams
Age52 Years
BirthApril 2, 1972
ChildrenAshley, Nikia, Garrianna, Garrett Jr.
ShowsThe Degenerates

The Degenerates returns to Netflix in December with more unfiltered, politically incorrect comedians. Ms. Pat is the new addition to the lineup that also features Nikki Glaser and Adrienne Iapalucci. This comedian found her calling in stand-up after many hardships. Before you have a laughter-filled holiday with The Degenerates, check out our Ms. Pat wiki for all the deets on this comedian to watch.

Ms. Pat Was Raised by a Single Mother

Born Patricia Williams on April 2, 1972, Ms. Pat originally hails from Atlanta. She is one of five children raised by a single mother named Mildred, who was allegedly an alcoholic.

Her mother didn’t live past 40. But she hadn’t been much of a parent to Patricia or her siblings.

In her 2017 memoir, Rabbit, Patricia Williams recalls growing up in harrowing poverty. In the same book, she talks about being sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend at age 10.

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Her grandfather sold moonshine out of the family’s living room and her mother forced Patricia and her sister to dance for the drunks who visited their house.

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Ms. Pat Went to Prison on Drug Charges

Williams was only a teen when she fell on the wrong side of the law. She had learned to pickpocket, indulging in petty crimes before she resorted to drug dealing.

Enticed by the money the father of her two eldest kids was making selling crack, Williams also began selling drugs to make a living when she was 15. She worked under the street name “Rabbit.”

Her criminal life led to her getting shot twice when she was a teen.

Williams’ crimes caught up with her and she was sent to prison at 18. She garnered a laundry list of offenses on drug and weapons charges, something that rendered her unable to get or hold down a job.

She used to manage a gas station, but that didn’t last long. And Williams had no career path in mind until she found out that comedy clubs didn’t care about criminal background checks.

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A Work Counselor Encouraged Her to Do Stand-Up

Patricia Williams put Rabbit behind her when she met her now-husband after a stint in Fulton County Jail, when she was 19. She relocated to a more suburban neighborhood, earned her GED, and got certified as a medical assistant.

But still, a legit employment opportunity remained elusive because of her criminal history. Until one day she was recounting her misfortunes to a work counselor in her own hilarious style. The counselor, reduced to tears laughing, suggested she try an open mic night.

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Taking the counselor’s advice, Williams debuted at an open mic in Atlanta in 2002 under the name “Ms. Pat,” given to her by the neighborhood kids. Her daughter, who was in the audience, was glad about her mother’s switch from Rabbit to Ms. Pat, though even she admitted her mom’s initial material wasn’t all that great.

When Williams’ boyfriend’s job brought them to Indianapolis, she found a club called Morty’s, which added her to its roster. Taking the advice of the club’s general manager, the comedian watched other stand-up greats to improve her own material.

Ms. Pat has since created a persona of unbridled sarcasm and hilarity on stage. It has led her to appearances on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central’s This Is Not Happening, TV Guide Network’s Standup in Stilettos, and Nickelodeon’s Mom’s Night Out. And now Netflix’s The Degenerates season 2.

She’s also a major podcast celebrity, with regular guest features on WTF with Marc Maron, The Joe Rogan Experience, and the Bertcast with Bert Kreischer, among others.

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Ms. Pat Adopted Multiple Children

The comedian has never shied away from talking about her experiences as teen mother. She began dating 20-year-old Darrell Laye when she was 12.

Williams gave birth to their first child, Ashley, in August 1986, when she was just 14. She would have her second child, Nikia, in November the following year, at 15 years old. By 1993, Laye and Williams’ relationship, which was marred by abuse, would end.

Now Williams is married to Garrett, a machinist with General Motors. A Gulf War veteran, he met Ms. Pat at a club in 1993.

Williams has a total of four biological children, including her kids with Garrett: Garrianna (born 1999) and Garrett Jr., (born 2001).

Williams also has full custody of her niece’s four kids: Ciisha (born 2015); Porchia (born 2012); and Yolanda and Ramon (born 2010). The whereabouts of her drug addict niece are unknown.

Ms. Pat, Garrett, and most of their large brood live in a 5,500-sq.-ft. home in a subdivision in Indianapolis. Ashley lives in Atlanta, while Nikia, mother to twin boys and a girl, lives not far from her parents.

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