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Mr. Robot’s second season is definitely the most intriguing and confusing one yet, and viewers were left mind-boggled after watching Mr. Robot season 2, episode 10. We all are curious to find out what exactly is there in Elliot’s apartment! If you have been searching the Internet frantically for terms such as, “Mr. Robot Elliot apartment,” “Mr. Robot spoilers” and want to see photos of the episode, then you have come to the right place because we will fill you in on clues as to what was there in Elliot’s apartment.

Episode 10 of Mr. Robot left viewers with more questions than answers, and needless to say this is one of the reasons why we all love this show so much. In case you may have missed out on the last episode of Mr. Robot, then a warning is necessary that this article has Mr. Robot spoilers! So, if you want to watch episode ten, then we suggest you stop reading immediately.

For those of you who don’t mind and are curious to know about Mr. Robot Elliot’s apartment, then stick around as we will give you the details, as well as photos of Elliot’s apartment. Looking at these photos might give you clues or you will be able to generate your own theories about what exactly Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) is looking for.


The photos of Elliot’s (Rami Malek) apartment is a bit hazy and blurry, but after looking at it, everybody has their own version of theory as to what might be in Elliot’s apartment. One more thing, why would Elliot ask the viewers to look around for clues or anything that Mr. Robot has been searching for?

mr robot elliot apartment

Some theories claim that maybe Mr. Robot is interested in some object or clue which is related to Phase or Tyrell (Martin Wallström). If you have been following the series, then you must be aware that Elliot always talks about closing out files and burning them down to disks, to close one chapter or to forget about something. Maybe, there is a disk, which is a key to his missing memory. Maybe, it is hidden in his DVD collection in his house. If you must have noticed, Elliott and Angela (Portia Doubleday) always talk about watching Back to the Future together, so maybe the clue is in that DVD box!

elliot apartment photos

Episode co-writer and series technology producer, Kor Adana even gave an interview about the episode, and gave a subtle hint about what clue to look for in Elliot’s house. Here were his exact words, “I’ll do my best to be helpful here. There is definitely a hint in this scene. I don’t know if I should tell you what main corner to look in, or if the hint is even in the corner of the frame, but go ahead and study that scene to see what you can find.”


Lots of viewers gave their opinion about this particular scene. One viewer noted that something was seen hanging off the radiator in Elliot’s room. Also, the way the camera moves around in the room could also mean there is a hidden camera in the house, which might give clues to Elliot.

mr robot elliot apartment photos

The photos and the theories truly are mind-boggling but it is also fun to solve these mysteries as a viewer! Although, what was there in Elliott’s house was not disclosed in the episode, something shady is surely going on and hopefully the next episode reveals the suspense! What do you think about these theories? Are they true? What do you think is there in Elliot’s apartment? Do let us know your view in the comments section below!



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