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Mr. Robot has been the most interesting season to date and everybody seems to be hooked on the show. It is an obvious fact that if you are hooked on to a particular show, there are bound to be memes about it. Mr. Robot series is no exception in this case. If you have been hitting up the internet for terms like, “Mr. Robot memes,” “Mr. Robot season 2, episode 7,” and “Mr. Robot spoilers,” then you have come to the right place.

If you have been following Mr. Robot for a while, then you must be aware of all the twists and turns nearly every single episode of Mr. Robot provides. While waiting for episodes of the show to air, many fans have started creating Mr. Robot memes, and after looking at these memes, we all can relate to a certain extent.

Needless to say, there are many such meme experts out there who put in the time to create memes for other fans, and Mr. Robot season 2, episode 7 memes are certainly ones to look forward to.

To tickle your funny bone and to make you relate to the series, we have compiled a list of 5 Mr. Robot memes to keep you entertained throughout the weekend. Keep reading if you want to see our top 5 Mr. Robot memes.

  1. Confusion

After watching Mr. Robot season 2, episode 7 everybody is pretty confused about the entire episode. After viewers found out that Eliott was actually in prison the entire season, we are having doubts about what is real and what is not!

2. Mother’s Reaction


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Every mother’s reaction when you tell them that you are hearing voices from the kitchen or the room. We feel sad for Eliott in this episode, and we wish at least somebody would believe him!

3. Brand Obsessed


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Oh common! We are all a little bit of a brand freak deep down, and our heart skips a bit when somebody spills food on our expensive dress or shoes. Of course, if Eliott is getting kidnapped or mobbed, he doesn’t want his expensive shoes to be ruined!

4. Is This True?

After watching yesterday’s episode, we are sure you must be ready to believe whoever comes up and says, “I am Mr. Robot.” Of course, we know good old Gollum is not Mr. Robot, but since he was in the jail for the entire season, you never know who Mr. Robot may turn out to be! So, keep an open eye out for anything suspicious.

5. Brain Says Don’t Trust Eliott Again

We all had the same expression after watching last episode of Mr. Robot. The background image is self-explanatory as we all realized that all this was a lie. Which brings us to the question, can we really trust him again? Are you willing to put your trust in him again?