Being a successful rock star always gives you the upper hand in the dating department, no matter how old you get.

That’s why we’re not too surprised that yet another older rock star has tied the knot with a sugar baby who’s nearly half his age. Mötley Crüe co-founder and guitarist Nikki Sixx, 55, married his girlfriend, 28-year-old model Courtney Bingham on March 15 in Beverly Hills.

The celebrity couple exchanged rings in front of 130 guests during a chic gothic rock/French countryside themed wedding. In keeping with his rock n’ roll style, Nikki Sixx wore a classic black suit, but added a little extra edge with a black bandana around his forehead, flashy silver accessories, and Converse sneakers. Meanwhile, Courtney Bingham wore an elegant white gown and then changed into a second knee-length dress after the ceremony.


The celebrity couple first met three years ago and got engaged back in 2013 after the sugar daddy popped the question during their vacation in St. Bart’s. While this is the sugar baby’s first time down the aisle, Nikki Sixx has been married twice before; both of his ex-wives are former Playboy models and are both 10 years younger than him. He also has four kids and his oldest is only five years younger than his new wife.


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