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With the news of Gerard Butler and Morgan Brown’s relationship being back on, people are starting to get curious. The couple had an on-off relationship for years, and many are hoping that the two will stay together this time around. But who is this on-again-off-again mystery woman? We have all the information you need to know about Gerard Butler’s girlfriend with details from Morgan Brown’s wiki!

The latest buzz is that movie star Gerard Butler is back together with his girlfriend! The stylish and successful businesswoman, Morgan Brown, has been in and out of the actor’s life for quite some time.

Keep reading for details about Butler’s on-again girlfriend below.

What Does Morgan Brown Do?

A mystery woman was spotted beside Gerard Butler in 2014. It was soon revealed that, despite having Hollywood connections, she was not in the industry.

Morgan Brown is a former model who started her own interior design firm, Morgan Brown Designs. She reportedly got into the business in her 20s, when she bought and completely redid the interior of her first house.

Who Is Morgan Brown?

Morgan Brown’s mother is Karen Brown, a model made famous for dating and having a son with actor, Peter O’Toole. She followed in her mother’s modeling footsteps but changed gears early on in life.

Brown had found a passion for interior design. Her “intuitive and organic” approach to revitalizing homes is what puts her on the map!

Morgan Brown (age 40) met Gerard Butler (age 48) in 2014, following the actor’s split from Romanian model, Madalina Ghenea. The duo have been on and off since then, but seem to be back together as of summer 2017.

Their 2016 split was supposed to be “for good,” and claimed to stem from the fact that women would “throw themselves” at Butler, despite him repeatedly saying, “No. Get away from me. I have a girlfriend.”

It was shortly after that breakup that Brown was spotted on a coffee date with Liev Schreiber, whose 11-year relationship with Naomi Watts ended in 2016.

Now that Morgan Brown and Gerard Butler are seemingly back together, we can only hope that the two will find a way to make things work this time around!