This past weekend, U.S Vice President Joe Biden had a private, two-hour meeting with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren at his residence in Washington, further fueling speculation that he’s considering throwing his Democratic hat into the presidential election ring.

A spokesperson for Biden refused to comment on the meeting, which reportedly wasn’t on his official schedule, but one of Biden’s aides confirmed that it did in fact take place. Another insider revealed that it was Biden who requested the meeting with Warren.

Warren, who would have been a leading contender among liberal Democrats, won’t be running a presidential campaign of her own, but she also hasn’t formally backed any of the other candidates yet, saying in a recent interview, “I don’t think anyone has been anointed.”


Meanwhile, Biden has reportedly been working with a team of advisers over the past few weeks to put together a solid campaign and fundraising strategy, should he decide to actually run. They’re said to be carefully monitoring the ongoing investigation surrounding the allegations against co-campaigner Hillary Clinton of sending classified information with her private e-mail account while she was the secretary of state.

If Biden does enter his bid, it could certainly upend the Democratic race for presidency. On the other hand, there’s always the risk that if he does run and fails, it could damage his reputation as vice president.

According to CNN, Biden is planning to make his decision about whether or not he’s joining the presidential race within the next month, with an announcement coming likely after mid-September.


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