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Mo’Nique has been making waves with her recent comments about the alleged pay inequality with Netflix deals. Assuming her contract offers are consistent with her statements, the offer doesn’t reflect Mo’Nique’s resumé and ability to draw numbers. In this article, we’ll explore Mo’Nique’s net worth 2018 of an estimated $13.0 million.

What Mo’Nique Brings to the Table

  • What exactly does Mo’Nique bring to the table? Quite frankly, a lot.
  • Comedian Mo’Nique Hicks’ net worth speaks to the fact that she is making a lot of bank, and the fact that Netflix perhaps low-balled her for their stand-up special offer. Take a look at her social media numbers:
Twitter 151K followers
Instagram 225K followers
  • While not as big as some in the comedy world, Mo’Nique’s fan base is fairly fervent. When she has a show, her fans will follow.
  • Mo’Nique also gained a following as an actress over the last few years. She won an Oscar for her work in Precious, and was nominated for numerous comedy and acting awards.
  • She alleged that she was only paid $50,000 for her role in the film.
  • In short, Mo’Nique has a little bit of a point, her resumé points to a career that can generate a fair amount of viewers.
  • But then again, maybe that’s not why Netflix is offering such a low number.

Troubles in Hollywood

  • Mo’Nique is very vocal about… well… everything. Depending on who you talk to, that made her hard to work with, or has led her to be “whiteballed” from Hollywood.
  • Since her Oscar win in 2009, Mo’Nique has done a grand total of three credits. Why?
  • She went on record to say that she doesn’t play by the rules of Hollywood. She isn’t into kissing butt, she thanks who she wants to thank, and when she gets angry at someone or something, she will blast them in a public forum.
  • According to director Lee Daniels, during the Precious campaign, Mo’Nique’s demands became unreasonable. Eventually, her ego got to the point where word got around Hollywood that she was difficult to work with. Hence, less work.
  • Mo’Nique claimed that her hiatus from film was self-imposed, but her lack of game-playing has effectively blackballed her from Hollywood.
  • Is part of the reason for Mo’Nique’s low Netflix offer the company’s uncertainty of the hassle in dealing with her? Whether or not, is that reputation is deserved?


Mo’Nique’s Net Worth and Value

  • With all of this in mind, you’ve got to wonder; how rich is Mo’Nique Hicks? Between Mo’Nique’s movies, TV shows, and her stand-up dates, she managed to keep a small fortune for herself. This is even in spite of Mo’Nique’s divorce settlements.
  • Currently, it is reported that Mo’Nique’s net worth is approximately $13.0 million. While that is not a huge gain from years past, she hasn’t lost much either.
  • In 2016, Mo’Nique and her husband owed nearly $400,000 in back taxes to the IRS, which allowed the IRS to place a lien on her property, including Mo’Nique’s house. In 2017, another lien was placed on the comedian and her husband for not paying their entire tax bill from the year before. This added another $170,720.24 to the bill. It was last reported that Mo’Nique and her husband owe $560,625.22.
Mo’Nique’s Net Worth in 2018 $13.0 million
Earnings from Precious $50,000
Money Owed in Taxes $560,625.22