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Molly Cochran has been covering weather on WJZ-TV for a while. And recently, Baltimore residents have watched her sport a baby bump while doing weathercasts. Now the meteorologist is taking a break from the broadcast to focus on her growing family. Cochran announced she won’t be appearing on WJZ for a while. Her regular viewers want to know if she is leaving the station permanently or if she will return to WJZ in the future. Find out what Molly Cochran said about her break from WJZ.

Molly Cochran Takes Break

Molly Cochran was intrigued by weather when she experienced Hurricane Charley in South Carolina in 2004. She is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University School of Communication. The young woman also pursued a master’s degree in applied meteorology from Mississippi State University.

Apart from working with Accuweather and other broadcast stations like ABC7, Cochran learned the ropes of broadcast meteorology at the Emmy-nominated newscast, Centre County Report. She’s featured on ABC World News Now, Lifetime Network’s The Balancing Act, Bloomberg Business, and FOX Business.

Until recently, Molly Cochran was covering the weather on WJZ-TV in Baltimore on the weekends. She’s been doing the recent broadcasts while pregnant.

Cochran and her husband welcomed their first son in July 2021. They are now expecting a boy again, due this spring.

February 5 was Cochran’s last weathercast on WJZ before her well-deserved break. The meteorologist signed off on Sunday to go on a break for the next few months. She will enjoy some family time before the baby arrives.

While Cochran’s followers won’t see her on WJZ for a while, this isn’t her last day on air. She stated on social media that she is not done with the business and isn’t hanging up the weather clicker anytime soon.

Cochran assured her followers that she will return to broadcasting in the future. The meteorologist has not stated if it will be on WJZ or another station.

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Meanwhile, she thanked all her colleagues and friends at WJZ, as well as the viewers who have sent love and support her way. Cochran’s followers hope she will remain in touch on social media and wish her well with her family.