Aretha Franklin, even at 73, is one of the most charming souls in the music industry, with such a smoky voice, that she still has millions going gaga over her. And one celebrity- Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family to be specific – could not control his “fangirling” when he saw Franklin’s performance at the Kennedy Center Honors (2015).

The show, which was broadcast yesterday, saw Franklin perform “Natural Woman” in tribute to Carole King, one of the five honorees of the night. And Stonestreet went completely nuts- as did the rest of the people who watched the show. He took to Twitter to express his feelings, “Aretha Franklin > EVERYONE else on earth [sic].” He went on to explain in his country style, “Holy cow that was great.”

Other Twitter users and fans of both Franklin as well as Stonestreet agreed wholeheartedly. They left several replies to Stonestreet, calling the 18-time Grammy winner “beyond amazing” and “an American treasure to say the very least.”

You can check out the video below; and notice how 46 seconds into the video, President Barack Obama wipes his eye. This just goes to show that Franklin has such power over her listeners that she can disarm even the most practiced poker face in America right now. What’s more, just about halfway through her incredible performance, the entire hall stood up, including President Obama and King, the writer of the song, who seemed to have enjoyed the song thoroughly.

On the YouTube video as well fans expressed their love. One wrote, “Gave me goosebumps. Epic. Hail to the Queen of Soul! Thank you Carole King for writing this timeless song.” Thank you indeed.


Image Source: Twitter/ArethaFranklin

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