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It’s week 19 for Major League Baseball (MLB) and so far, there has been a few changes in the MLB standings and MLB power rankings since week 18. If you’ve been wondering what the MLB scores have been thus far, we’ve got you covered as we will outline those numbers for you to keep you in the loop! As we continue to get closer to the MLB playoffs, the teams are continuing to push to stay on top of the leader board to land a spot in the playoffs.

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The American League East 

Baltimore Orioles


With 66 wins and 51 losses, the Baltimore Orioles are currently number one in the American League East. And they have a chance today to keep that spot as they go up against the third place team, the Boston Red Sox. As of last week, the Orioles slightly trailed behind the number two spot holders, the Toronto Blue Jays, but managed to pull in the lead.

Toronto Blue Jays

Although the Toronto Blue Jays have one more win over the Orioles (67) they are still in second place in the AL East, with 52 losses. But with wins and losses being so close, it won’t take much for the Jays to take back the number one spot from the Orioles. The Jays will have their chance to pull in for another win tonight at 7:05 PM, when they take on the New York Yankees.

Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox have managed 65 wins and 52 losses, so as you can see it’s basically anyone’s game in the American League East, with not much space in between the top three teams for any error. Depending on how today’s game goes against the Orioles, you may see a switch up in the top-three teams.

The National League East

The Washington Nationals

In the top spot of the National League East are the Washington Nationals, but they may soon be feeling the heat from the Texas Rangers. Their current score is 70 wins and 47 losses.

Coming off laser eye surgery, Nationals player Wilson Ramos has managed to cut his strikeout rate from 20 percent to 12.9 percent. Ramos didn’t have the best of years in 2015, but he has shown that 2016 will not be a repeat offence.

The Washington Nationals are scheduled to play this evening at 8:40 PM against the Colorado Rockies who are currently sitting in the 19th spot, so be sure to tune in!

The Miami Marlins

With 62 wins and 56 losses, the Marlins have managed to land in the second spot for the National League East conference. But the team faces many challenges with numerous injured players, including uncertainty that Giancarlo Staton will be able to return for the rest of the season. Even Wei-Yin Chen, who has been out due to an injury since June, isn’t expected to return to at least mid-September. We hope for their sake that the Marlins can continue to pull in wins to land themselves in the MLB playoffs.

New York Mets 

Rounding up the top-three, we have the New York Mets with 59 wins and 59 losses. Tonight the Mets have an opportunity to break the split and bring in another win when they go up against the Arizona Diamondbacks at 9:40 PM.

Central Division

The Chicago Cubs 

Currently, the Chicago Cubs are ranked number one in the National League Central.

And for the second week in a row, the Chicago Cubs have landed the top spot for the MLB standings. As of week 18, the Chicago Cubs’ record was 73 wins to 43 losses and there seems to be no end in sight when it comes to this team pulling in a few more wins!

Today the Cubs are up against the Milwaukee Brewers, who are currently ranked number 23. Although it may seem like an easy win, you never really know when you get out on that diamond!

St. Louis Cardinals

In second place we have the St. Louis Cardinals with 62 wins and 56 losses. The team may be in for some trouble though, as players Michael Wacha and Matt Holliday are out (a shoulder issue for Wacha and a fractured thumb for Holliday). We’ll continue to watch to see how these losses of players affects the Cardinals in their upcoming games.

Pittsburg Pirates

Well, the pirates should be happy – yesterday they bet out the number one spot team (the San Francisco Giants) in the National League West, and have managed to be in the top three for the Central Division. The Pirates currently have 60 wins and 56 losses, so it won’t take much if they want to move up on the MLB standings.

The National League West 

San Francisco Giants 

In the top spot for the National League West is the San Francisco Giants, with 66 wins and 52 losses. As of yesterday’s game against the Pittsburg Pirates (ranked third in the Central Division) the Giants lost 8-5, so if they want to maintain their top spot they’ll have to start pulling in some wins again!

Los Angeles Dodgers 

The Los Angeles Dodgers are holding onto the second spot in the National League West with 65 wins and 52 losses. They aren’t that far behind to overtake the Giants for the top spot. Although they are making the climb up on the MLB standings, they still don’t have Clayton Kershaw back, and Brandon McCarthy and Brett Anderson are off due to injury. We’ll see if they can still manage to hold onto their standings today at 7:05 PM when they go up against Philadelphia Phillies.

The Colorado Rockies

The Colorado Rockies are currently ranked third in the National League West, with 56 wins and 63 losses. It’s unclear if the Rockies can hold onto their spot as their starting pitcher has been unable to throw more than five innings over the course of the last five road games. We’ll see what happens today when they go up against the Nationals at 8:40 PM tonight.

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