MLB Scores Live Update: Here are the Latest MLB Scores You Need to Know

Kenta Maeda, LA Dodgers
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Now that the 2016 Rio Olympics are over, sports fans can focus on the current MLB scores. Fans excited to see where their teams fall on the scoreboard will be happy to know that we have the latest MLB box scores. So, instead of looking up terms like, “MLB scores live” and “MLB scores today,” then keep reading, because we have this week’s lineup.

American League East: Toronto Blue Jays

Still in the lead, the Toronto Blue Jays hit it out of the park and have managed to remain at the top of the list with 70 wins and 54 losses, overall! Right behind them are the Boston Red Sox with a box score of 70 wins and 54 losses total. And in third place, we have the Baltimore Orioles, with an overall score of 68 wins and 56 losses.

American League West: Texas Rangers

Everyone knows you don’t mess with Texas, who lead their division with a top score of 73 wins and 52 losses—making them the best in the West! Not too far behind them are the Seattle Mariners with a score of 67 wins and 57 losses, placing them in the number two spot. And last, but certainly not least, are the Houston Astros who slide in with 65 wins and 60 losses.

American League Central: Cleveland Indians

It looks like things are definitely hot in Cleveland as they reach the number one spot with 72 wins and 51 losses! Sliding in safely at second place are the Detroit Tigers with 65 wins and 59 losses overall, leaving the Kansas City Royals in third place with 64 wins and 60 losses.

National League East: Washington Nationals

Once again, the Washington Nationals secure the first place spot with 73 wins and 51 losses. The Miami Marlins steal second place with a score of 65 wins and 59 losses, leaving the New York Mets with a third place ranking at 62 wins and 62 losses.

National League West: Los Angeles Dodgers

Out West, we have the Los Angeles Dodgers coming in at first place with 69 wins and 55 losses so far, but how long will it last? Coming in at second place are the San Francisco Giants with 68 wins and 56 losses. And in third place we have the Colorado Rockies with a score of 60 wins and 65 losses. If those numbers were reversed, maybe their ranking would have changed this time around!

National League Central: Chicago Cubs

It’s no surprise that the Chicago Cubs remain in first place with 79 wins and only 45 losses! It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the Cubs. Flying in at second place are the St. Louis Cardinals with 66 wins and 57 losses, leaving the Pittsburgh Pirates in third, with a score of 62 wins and 60 losses. Stay tuned for next week’s update on who’s hitting it out of the park!


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