MLB Power Rankings for Week 18: Who is This Week’s Top 3?

MLB Power Rankings for Week 18
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Another week, and another three teams in Major League Baseball (MLB) that had a better seven days than the others. Our latest MLB power rankings are based on the last few weeks in professional baseball, and we think we have a pretty good idea (based on the MLB standings and scores) as to which teams stood out between this week and the last. Want to know about the change in MLB standings following this week’s MLB scores and which teams looked the most dominating? Here’s our picked for the top three teams in our latest MLB power rankings.

We may be a broken record when it comes to this, but it bears noting every time: these rankings vary from individual to individual and are based primarily on opinion. As such, they should not be heavily factored into any betting done on the below teams or any others. Being in the MLB top teams in week 18 doesn’t necessarily mean week 19 will go just as well, so do your own research backed by the latest MLB power rankings, and please gamble responsibly.

Chicago Cubs

In what is likely no surprise to anyone who keeps tabs on MLB standings and scores, the Cubs are once again the best overall team in the league, remaining first in the National League Central Division, the entire National League, and the entire MLB roster as a whole. They have the best overall record of 69 wins and 41 losses. The Cubs are currently riding a seven-game win streak, having bested the Oakland Athletics 3-1 last night, and have Monday to rest before a two-game series with the Los Angeles Angels. When it comes to MLB scores affecting power rankings, we’d say going the whole week undefeated is a pretty clear statement.

Washington Nationals

Another mainstay on the top of the MLB standings and our power rankings, is the Washington Nationals, who currently rule the National League Eastern Division with a 66-45 win/loss record, putting them second in the league overall. Think of how much more dominating they would appear if the Chicago Cubs did not exist! While they unfortunately did not go undefeated this week like the Cubs did (having dropped the middle game of their series with the San Francisco Giants with a painful 7-1 final score) they did win the other five. They started the week with a 14-1 walloping of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Next is a two-game series with the Cleveland Indians, also starting Tuesday, though they entered looking a little on the weak side (their run back with the Giants was a win, but with only a 1-0 score).


Detroit Tigers

The Tigers are quickly becoming a threat to the Cubs’ ruling of the MLB standings roost, sitting just under them in their shared National League Central Division. They have a record of 61 wins and 50 losses, placing the team at around ninth overall. While that may not sound so great (especially when compared to Chicago’s current MLB scores and records) the team entered week 18 with a six-game win streak, which they expanded to eight before a 6-3 loss to the Chicago White Sox on Thursday (what is it with this team and Chicago?). They would lose one more time before week 18 was through, but they have already proven that they can get a hot streak going as they head into the series with the Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers.

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