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What time is the MLB All-Star Game? Did you even know it was already so soon? Yes, the official MLB schedule reads that it is time for this special annual event is on tonight (July 12). This is the night when the best of professional baseball players from across all teams in the league come together to play a game outside of MLB scores and MLB standings, with nothing on the line except personal pride and the entertainment of the fans. So, when and how can see you see this year’s game and who will be taking part in it? Don’t waste time on searching phrases such as, “MLB All-Star Game” and “All-Star Game 2016 MLB,” because you’re already where you need to be to get all the answers.

About MLB All-Star Game 2016

The first MLB All-Star Game took place on July 6, 1933 as part of that year’s World’s Fair. Originally intended to be a one-time event, the game was so successful that it became an annual occurrence. The game normally takes place on the second or third Tuesday in July—this year being no exception—and is considered the halfway point for a Major League Baseball season. Before the game, the entire league takes the “All-Star Break” a day before and after the All-Star Game, meaning that regular season games are put on hold so the all-stars can prepare without their regular team being hindered by their absence.

There are other special events going on at the time of the MLB All-Star game outside of the game itself. These include FanFest, an event for fans in town for the game. It’s a skill competition between the all-star players in the form of the Home Run Derby. There is also the All-Star Futures Game, which is a match played between U.S. and international young talent. The All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game (which was played on Sunday, July 10) is another exciting event that features retired players and some of Hollywood’s finest celebrities. The Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Awards, or ESPY Awards are also commonly held the day after the All-Star Game; this year’s host is WWE superstar John Cena. A full list of events can be found here; you’ve already missed most of them, but it’s good for reference for next year!

MLB All-Star Game 2016 Starting Lineups

The game is on tonight so you may want to know who’s playing! Players in the MLB All-Star Game are chosen through a variety of methods, with each team in the league having at least one rep. Sixteen of the participating players—eight pitchers and one backup for each position—are chosen by the MLB players themselves. The manager of each team also has a say, choosing nine (National League) or eight (American League) members of the teams. The remaining spots (eight for the National League team, nine for the American League) are filled by fan votes. The final player is also decided by fans, who are given a list of candidates, with ballots being submitted via online and text messages. As the game is so soon, the full rosters have been determined, and you can find the starting lineups for this year’s All-Star Game here.

All-Star Game 2016 MLB Schedule

So, now that you know how the MLB All-Star Game works, how can you watch it this year? There are a few options to catch the game if you’re not able to be there in attendance yourself. Check out all the details below.


This year’s All-Star Game will be held at Petco Park in San Diego, California, home of the San Diego Padres.


The Game takes place today, July 12, at 7:30 p.m. EST.

Broadcast Television

FOX has the exclusive broadcast rights to the 2016 MLB All-Star Game. Do note, however, that the game will be airing on FOX’s traditional TV network, not FOX Sports. A list of networks broadcasting the game outside the United States can be found here.

Live Streaming

FOX Sports will, however, having live streaming duties, making the game available via FOX Sports Go.

Live Updates

If you can’t catch the game live, consider bookmarking the official MLB All-Star Game Twitter, which will likely feature updates as the game goes on. Batter up!