Following the reports that Joe Biden was considering entering his bid in the upcoming presidential election, Mitt Romney is now under speculation to join the presidential race as well. The Republican is reportedly so unhappy with Donald Trump that he himself might jump in, alongside 17 other candidates.

After President Obama defeated him in 2012, everyone assumed that Romney’s political career was practically over. But now, New York Magazine reports that with Trump possibly creating future long-term problems for the Republican Party, former campaign staff and advisers of Romney are hoping that he will reconsider.

One of his 2012 campaign’s senior members said, “Mitt wants to run. He never stopped wanting to run.” The unnamed adviser seemed critical of candidates Scott Walker and Rick Perry of Wisconsin and Texas, respectively. He said that their sudden jump to the spotlight was similar to middle school students becoming freshmen at high school and getting their faces “slammed in the toilets.”


He also said that Romney was bothered with “the whole Trump thing.”

While a candidacy on the 68-year-old’s behalf may be slim, his poll numbers from last winter were strong. The “breadth” of his popularity was striking, according to Stuart Stevens, Romney’s ex-chief strategist.

Apart from his potential run, current candidates may want to get on his good side, considering Romney raised a record amount of campaign money in 2012. What’s more, his top fundraiser, Spencer Zwick, has not committed to a specific candidate as yet. Zwick raised a whopping $1 billion for Romney, and such endorsement could open big doors for the candidate he chooses to sponsor.

And while time will tell whether Romney decides to enter the race, for now, Trump remains in the lead.

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