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It is said that the real beauty is not just how we look on the outside but the strength we have inside us. And, this year’s Miss USA winner is a testimony to this saying! It is time for us to know more about Deshauna Barber, who won the title of Miss USA 2016 on Sunday night. It’s been only a few hours since Deshauna Barber was announced as the Miss USA 2016 winner in last night’s finale episode. After weeks of tough competition between the most gorgeous women from different parts of the country, the results have been declared and it is Deshauna Barber who has won the 65th Miss USA pageant!

Last night (June 5) will certainly be the most memorable night for Barber and for all of her fans and followers. Winning Miss USA 2016 will always be one of the greatest achievements for Barber, who was also crowned this year’s Miss District of Columbia, USA. The Miss USA 2016 pageant has completed another successful year in crowning the most deserving woman in the United States. And, when you look at these 10 best photos of Deshauna Barber, you’ll soon see just what being a Miss USA winner is all about!

Who Won Miss USA 2016?

By now, everyone in the entire world knows who Deshauna Barber is. Even those who missed last night’s Miss USA grand finale are aware of Barber’s victorious feat. From all the 15 smart and beautiful Miss USA 2016 contestants, Deshauna Barber has emerged as the strongest and most beautiful woman of the nation. From now on, Barber will be known as the most beautiful American woman of the year.

Who Won Miss USA 2016

Credits: Instagram/missusa

Crowned as the Miss USA 2016 winner, there are a lot of people out there who want to know more about Ms. Barber. Well, if you want to see how beautiful the new Miss USA winner looks, then these 10 best photos of Deshauna Barber below will make sure you keep watching them over and over. Every picture of Barber resembles just how strength and beauty go hand in hand. Being pretty is not the entire definition of being beautiful; it is a part of it. The other part of it is being a strong-willed human being on the inside.

Who Is Deshauna Barber?

Looking at some of the best photos of Deshauna Barber lets us know that she’s not just a beautiful beauty pageant winner. You will surprised to know that Deshauna Barber is first an officer of the United States Army. Her winning the Miss USA 2016 title has made every citizen really proud, especially the women of this country. Deshauna Barber is a 26-year-old woman who has been serving the United States Army since she was 17. Born and raised in Columbus, Georgia, Barber has grown up to be a strong woman serving her home country.

And, 2016 will always be one of the best years in the life of Deshauna Barber. Before winning the Miss USA 2016, Barber was also crowned Miss D.C., USA 2016. Winning the Miss District of Columbia, USA 2016 title in December last year gave Barber a strong edge as a contestant on Miss USA. Her chances of winning this year’s title were even stronger than Alexandra Miller, who was crowned Miss 52 USA on May 18.

So, take a look at these 10 photos of Deshauna Barber, Miss USA 2016 winner!

Top 10 Photos of Deshauna Barber

Queen of the U.S.A.

Queen of the USA

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Being Miss D.C., USA 2016 Winner!

Being Miss DC USA 2016 Winner

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Last Night’s Surreal Moment

Being Confident

Inhale Confidence, Exhale Doubt ???? Hair By: @therealhautehair #MissDCUSA #MissUSA #RoadToMissUSA

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Miss Hula Hoop!

Hula Hooping With 2 Hula Hoops Requires Talent People ???? #MissDCUSA #MissUSA #RoadToMissUSA

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Just Perfect

Deshauna‘s Double

Officer of the United States Army

The Most Elegant Look

Rocking the Swimwear Round!