Abby Foster is Miss Illinois 2017 and will get a shot at winning the Miss America 2018 title on Sunday, September 10, 2017, in Atlantic City, New Jersey. She is idealistic and wants to travel the world to teach children of military personnel. Foster loves to dance and mentor kids from underprivileged homes who aspire to go to college. She is a true beauty with brains who has a passion for life!   

Abby Foster has a dream “to teach at a military base overseas. I would be honored to educate and support the children of our military families.” It was this idealism, her intelligence, etiquette, and beautiful looks that helped Abby Foster win the Miss Illinois 2017 title, beating a bevy of other beautiful women. Now, she is preparing for a greater challenge: To compete against other state pageant winners at the Miss America 2018 pageant in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Sunday, September 10, 2017. It will be a very tough contest with every contestant trying to win the crown. Here are some details from Abby Foster’s wiki.

Mentoring Children is Important

Abby Foster’s age is 21, and she comes from Danville, Illinois. She is a junior at Ball State University where she is working towards a degree in elementary education, which she wants to get her Doctorate in. She says that her life changed when she joined “College Mentors for Kids,” a program that brings together college students and children who need a positive role model in their lives. She learned first-hand the impact she and other college students made on the children’s lives through their mentoring. Foster also serves as an ambassador for CMN Hospitals and would like to continue serving as a role model for underprivileged children in the future.

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A Passion for Dance

Foster loves to dance. Her favorite form of dance is jazz because, as a child, she was once diagnosed with a disease that affected her nervous system and made it impossible for her to walk or normally dance for over a year. She fought back and overcame the condition, but this experience made her realize how much she loved to dance, and she swore never to let anything keep her from her passion again. Now, she decided to teach and is determined to make it happen.

A Beautiful & Caring Person

There is no information about Abby Foster’s family, but we are positive that they are proud of her for competing for the Miss America 2018 crown. Details about Abby Foster’s boyfriend are unknown, so she could very well be single! Those who want to see pictures of the beautiful Miss Illinois should check out Abby Foster’s Instagram account. It is full of pictures of her dressed up for pagents, hanging out with her family, friends, and other contest participants, as well as a few throwback pictures and some inspiring quotes. Foster is a happy, positive, and balanced individual who proves that you can be successful, beautiful, and have a kind heart.

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