It’s time for grace, poise, and a whole lot of elegance; it’s time for Miss America 2018! Free your schedule and root for your state, because each of these gorgeous women will be representing one of them as they compete for the crown. For people from Louisiana; we have all the information you need on Miss Louisiana 2017 Laryssa Bonacquisti, right here.

Laryssa Bonacquisti has won the hearts of the people of Louisiana and has a noble goal, if and after she gets the crown. Bonacquisti is known for her funny talent, and it’s nice to see a sense of humor under all that beauty and grace. It looks like she is one to watch out for, and here are a few reasons why.

#1. The Sweetheart of Louisiana

Laryssa was born in the city of Shreveport in Louisiana. According to her LinkedIn information, Laryssa went to Bishop Lynch High School, and graduated from Louisiana State Universality with a Broadcast Journalism degree. She has been a news reporter for Tiger TV for two years until 2015 and served as a reporter on issues that affect the students in the University.

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#2. What Does Laryssa Do Outside of Miss America?

Laryssa Bonacquisti worked at LSU and in 2016 took up a position at the AST Marketing Group, as a student intern. In 2017, she enrolled as a news producer back on Tiger TV at LSU, and simultaneously applied for Miss Louisiana 2017. As a ventriloquist herself, Laryssa started “Believe Buddies,” a sock-puppet craft project that encourages kids to discover their passion and believe in themselves. “After the children make their sock puppets, I encourage them to write either a goal or an encouraging word on the ankle portion of the sock so they are always reminded when they look at the puppet to look toward their futures rather than focusing on difficulties along the way,” she told the Blue Ribbon News. Aside from socks, it includes materials like buttons, thread, and glue to make a puppet friend and inspire ventriloquism, a talent Bonacquisti has shared for her “performance talent” during pageants. Laryssa already has over 150 bags up and running!  

#3. Miss Louisiana 2017

Laryssa Bonacquisti won the crown and became Miss Louisiana 2017 on June 24, 2017. She was one of the contestants who showed heart, and with a witty mind, swept the title away among 32 other women. She is a ventriloquist and calls herself “adorkable” while performing her acts, the most famous one with her big yellow duck [Waddles]. Children love her, and she could not have made Louisiana look more interesting when she spoke about her hometown of Shreveport!

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The 22-year-old wants to use her platform to fight pancreatic cancer, after she was shaken from her grandmother’s diagnosis. She is determined to make sure people who suffer from the disease are treated better than before, and that an awareness is created among them.

#4. Laryssa Bonacquisti’s Journey

Laryssa Bonacquisti was 6 years old when she began learning ventriloquism from someone her mother knew from Texas. She grew up there, and since then has had an affinity towards the talent. Bonacquisti’s mother, Lynette Bonacquisti was Miss New Jersey in 1990. After competing for four years as a teen contestant, Laryssa finally won the adult competition and won the crown. When her grandmother was diagnosed with the “silent killer” Disease, Laryssa’s family had held the information from her, as she was taking part in a pageant. But the moment she got home and got the news, Laryssa was set on fighting it and building awareness.

#5. Laryssa Bonacquisti’s Dream Job

When asked what Laryssa’s dream or wish was, she replied: “To chase a tornado.” She also wants to finish her last year of her undergrad at LSU and go to Law School to pursue political journalism. Beauty with Brains indeed! She’s not one to give in to the concept of “pretty girls get everything” saying, “Being attractive, putting on a beautiful dress, it’s all great. But if you can’t stand up and actually speak about something or talk intelligently, it’s very difficult to be taken seriously.”

We will all get to watch Laryssa Bonacquisti take her bright ideas on the stage this weekend! Will she win the glorious Miss America title? Miss America 2018 airs on ABC on September 10, 2017, at 9:00 p.m EST, so tune in to find out!