Jeremy Doner and Mishna Wolff attend MARIANE PEARL hosts a private event for Documentary Film "RESILIENT" Supported by GUCCI at Bowery Hotel on October 8, 2009 in New York City. (Photo by NICK HUNT/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

About Mishna Wolff
Age49 Years
BirthApril 18, 1975
SpouseJeremy Doner,
Marc Maron (Divorced)
SiblingsAnora Lyn
ParentsDiane Elizabeth Gaylord, John Erick Wolff
AddressLos Angeles, California
CountryUnited States
JobStand-Up Comedian, Author
BookI’m Down

Marc Maron returns to Netflix with his third stand-up special, Marc Maron: End Times Fun, on March 10, and his fans are excited for more content from the podcast host. Maron is prone to bringing up his marriages and divorces in his comedy content. While he’s never shied from crediting his second wife, Mishna Wolff, for his sobriety, he also pokes fun at their divorce. But Wolff probably doesn’t mind, given that she has a remarkable sense of humor herself. A comedian herself, Wolff has been making audiences laugh with her storytelling talent. Our Mishna Wolff wiki turns the spotlight onto this underrated comedienne.

Mishna Wolff’s Father Raised Her in Seattle

Mishna Wolff was born on April 18, 1975 to John Erick Wolff and Diane Elizabeth Gaylord. Wolff and Gaylord divorced when Mishna was a child, at which point John Wolff relocated to a black neighborhood in Seattle with his daughters, Mishna and Anora Lyn.

We actually share a hypothalamus.

Posted by Mishna Wolff on Friday, September 26, 2008

Wolff’s 2009 memoir, I’m Down, spoke about how her dad enthusiastically integrated into community, though he is a white man. The book detailed that John wanted his daughters to integrate into the African-American community they were being raised in.

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Mishna described the clash of cultures she experienced growing up and the bullying she received because of it. In the same book, Mishna reveals she had to cope with her father dating another woman.

Mishna and Anora now live in Los Angeles, California. John Wolff is still based in Seattle and has his own construction consultant business.

Diane Gaylord remarried Ira Sacharoff, a Washington-based real estate broker, in 2006. Mishna and Anora have a stepbrother, Sam Sacharoff, from their mother’s remarriage.

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Mishna Wolff Is a Stand-Up Comedian and Author

With a penchant for comedy and writing, Mishna’s career began after a humorous piece she wrote was published in Blackbook Magazine. Soon after, she was performing on stage at the Luna Lounge and with the Upright Citizens Brigade.

it's called a joke.

Posted by Mishna Wolff on Friday, October 26, 2007

The platform gave a push to her funny storytelling skills with personal essays much like her memoir. That led to appearances on VH1, Comedy Central, Air America, and NPR.

She went on to publish her 2009 memoir, I’m Down, which was a bestseller. The book has also featured in school curriculum in some counties.

Wolff has also stepped into the role of screenwriter in recent history. One of her scripts is being made into a TV series, Werewolves Within, starring Veep’s Sam Richardson.

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Wolff Helped Maron Get Sober

Marc Maron has been open about his history of drugs and alcohol abuse in the ‘90s. He has been sober since August 9, 1999, and he has time and again credited Mishna Wolff for turning his life around.

After his marriage to Kimberley Reiss ended, he married Mishna Wolff. During their marriage, she helped Maron quit cocaine and alcohol.

“I ended up holding on to her for eight years, sort of destroying my life to be with her, and then she left,” Maron confessed about his 2007 divorce from Wolff.

Maron said his first marriage ended because of his addiction problems and his second marriage ended because he was needy after Wolff. “But the neediness was gnarled. You can’t ever say, ‘I need your support.’ You say, ‘You don’t love me.’ ‘Yes, I do.’ ‘No, you don’t.’ Then there’s fighting, crying, and then you’re like, ‘OK, you do love me,’” the podcast host said about their deteriorating relationship.

He would then rib about their divorce in his 2009 standup tour, Scorching the Earth. In his performance, he revealed a mean email he sent her while still bitter from their separation. He went on to reveal that she doesn’t contact him anymore because of the emotional abuse he put her through.

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Wolff Is Married to a Screenwriter

After her divorce from Maron, Wolff reportedly married Jeremy Doner. The Michigan native is a screenwriter who was raised in New York and studied biological anthropology and psychology at Harvard. Doner has worked on scripts for Legend of the Lost Tomb, Damages, and The Killing.

Wolff and Doner keep most of their life private. They now reside in Los Angeles and reportedly have two children together.

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