Apparently Miranda Kerr isn’t one to let old feelings completely go, if a recent reported outburst is to be believed. Who are the targets of her ire? Her ex-husband Orlando Bloom and his new girlfriend, Katy Perry! And not only that, but her anger is not without good cause; it’s for the sake of her and Bloom’s child.

Following rumors that Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry had hooked up after the Golden Globe Awards, a photo of the supposed couple dining with friends appeared to confirm that everything people believed was true. This is despite Perry initially shooting Bloom down, so apparently he must’ve said and/or did something amazing to change the singer’s mind so quickly!

However, this new celebrity couple is apparently not sitting well with Orlando Bloom’s ex, Miranda Kerr, whom he divorced in late 2013. The model has a child, five-year-old Flynn, with Bloom and the parents stay involved in each other’s lives for the sake of their son. This involved setting a series of rules to ensure Flynn grows up in a safe, stable environment—a difficult task when both your parents are famous celebrities.


Well, it appears that Kerr feels Bloom has broken one of those rules by dating Perry. In a recent interview, she explained that one of the rules has to do with Flynn meeting his parents’ new main squeezes, namely that his mom and/or dad must know them for at least six months before he meets them. However, Katy Perry has already met young Flynn—at a birthday party for Robert Downey Jr.’s son—and she’s only been dating Bloom for a month. Needless to say, Miranda Kerr is reported as being not happy.

Rumor has it that Kerr told off Bloom for being inconsiderate and that she was further hurt by seeing him and Perry with her son, looking like a family. In rebuttal, Bloom apparently said she was being overdramatic. Who do you think is in the right here? Is the “six-month rule” a fair one?

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