Pop queen Miley Cyrus has shared her emotional reaction to watching an episode of Gaycation, a new television series co-hosted by actress Ellen Page and available through the Viceland network. Cyrus shared selfies of her crying after watching a recent episode of Gaycation, which is a show revolving around LGBT communities in different parts of the world.

gaycation tv show

It shows actress Ellen Page, a lesbian herself, and her gay friend Ian Daniels as they travel across the world on a sort of vacation to learn first-hand about the experiences of LGBT people around the globe.


A staunch LGBT supporter herself, Miley Cyrus shared a selfie of her eyes shedding a tear as she watched the Japan episode of Gaycation. Miley wrote about how the series made her emotional and tagged her photo with the Viceland network and host Ellen Page, as well as Miley’s own Happy Hippie Foundation, which advocates for these vulnerable communities. Miley explained why she was crying in her caption, writing, “(this is post a scene where a young Japanese man comes out to his mother….. My heart breaks but is melded back together with hope and optimism for family acceptance)[sic].”

Miley thanked Ellen and her friend Ian in another sentimental selfie, as well as the show Gaycation for “showing people all over the world OTHER people all over the world and how different cultures accept or neglect the lgbtq community ….. [sic]” The 23-year-old pop star was once in a lesbian relationship with Victoria’s Secret Angel Stella Maxwell. The couple were spotted kissing and had confirmed dating in 2015. However, Cyrus has since reunited with her ex-fiancé, Liam Hemsworth. Regardless, it seems like Miley will stick with the show and still connect with its first-of-a-kind content that has touched her heart in a sensitive way. Here’s an episode of Gaycation that might give you a better idea about why it made Miley Cyrus cry.

Photo Credits: Instagram/ellenpage and mileycyrus

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