Mick Jagger, 70, is catching some serious slack for moving on with a new sugar baby, if not multiple sugar babies, less than three months after the tragic death of his girlfriend, L’Wren Scott. Jagger is no stranger to age gap relationships—Scott was 24 years younger—but, believe it or not, his newest sugar baby is even younger. The sugar baby in question has now been identified as 27-year-old ballet dancer Melanie Hamrick; that’s a 43-year age difference.

It was initially believed that Mick Jagger and Melanie Hamrick first met by chance at a nightclub, but it turns out that the rocker actually met the sugar baby in Tokyo back in March, two weeks before L’Wren Scott killed herself. Hamrick, along with a few other dancers, were invited backstage after a Rolling Stones concert to meet Mick Jagger and his bandmates. Although nothing happened between them, Jagger and Hamrick exchanged contact information and kept in touch briefly.

It wasn’t until after L’Wren Scott’s death that Hamrick reportedly reached out to Jagger, which is what inevitably led to their age gap relationship. “There was a spark there and she provided a distraction to the emotional hell he was going through,” an insider told The Sun.


Although they met overseas, Jagger’s new sugar baby lives in Manhattan. In fact, she actually lives only a couple miles away from the home he shared with L’Wren Scott (the same one where she hung herself.)

While Mick Jagger’s friends are dismissing his fling with the sugar baby as just a coping mechanism, L’Wren Scott’s sister, Jan Shane, is just fuming mad. “I now believe that he was a bigger part of her troubles that no one knew about,” said Shane, adding that his lewd behavior probably added to L’Wren Scott’s depression. “I am so hurt to know that she was so sad and hurting inside and felt that she had nowhere to go.”

Like Mick Jagger, Melanie Hamrick is very accustomed to age gap relationships. A month before meeting Jagger, she was believed to still be engaged to José Manuel Carreño, a 46-year-old dancer—she was only 17 when she and her fiancé first met. There’s no word on when their six-year relationship ended, or if it had anything to do with Mick Jagger.

What do you think: Is three months too soon for Mick Jagger to be moving on with a new sugar baby?



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Photo Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

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