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With the election getting closer and Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech on Day One of the Republic National Convention (RNC) still in the news, people have starting to pit Melania Trump vs. Michelle Obama, particularly since it was a speech by Michelle Obama that Trump reportedly plagiarized. Tonight (July 25), Michelle Obama’s DNC speech will be heard and people are anxious to find out if the first lady will address the plagiarism scandal. Before she gives her speech tonight, we thought we’d give you a brief Michelle Obama biography.

Michelle Obama Biography

It’s no secret that Michelle Obama’s husband is the president of the United States, Barack Obama. She’s been by his side throughout his presidential career, having given up a high-paying job at the University of Chicago to help Barack campaign. Michelle Obama is not just known for being the wife of the president of the United States: she’s an accomplished woman in her own right, and uses her power and privilege to advocate for numerous causes close to her heart. Check out these five facts about First Lady Obama!

She’s One of Only Three First Ladies to Have a Master’s Degree

Michelle Obama is a highly educated woman. She earned her undergrad from Princeton University and went on to obtain a J.D. degree law from Harvard Law School. She was inspired to attend Princeton by her elder brother and recalls that her teachers in high school tried to dissuade her from applying as they believed she was setting her sights too high.

Michelle Obama is the third first lady to possess a Master’s degree. Her predecessor, Laura Bush, was the second and current Republican presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was the first.

She Was Barak’s Superior When They First Met

Michelle Obama met her now-husband, Barak Obama, when Barack took a summer job at the law firm Michelle worked at. Michelle was actually Barack’s mentor at that job, but her first impression of her husband-to-be wasn’t a positive one: upon seeing his photo ahead of meeting him, she concluded that his nose was too big. When they met, Barack asked her out, but she turned him out citing it as improper since she was his superior. She did eventually say yes, and Barack took her to watch Spike Lee’s controversial hit movie Do the Right Thing on their first date.

The Obamas wed in 1992 and Michelle Obama’s kids—daughters Malia and Sasha—along with Michelle Obama’s husband, Barak, are what make up the current First Family. And, with Michelle Obama’s age being 52, we’d say she’s had a darn good life and plenty to show for it!

She Is Descendent from Slaves

Unsurprisingly, Michelle Obama’s family is descendent from slaves. Her great-great grandfather on her father’s side as well as her great-great-great grandmother on her mother’s side was a slave in South Carolina. A lot of Michelle’s family still lives in the same region today. Apparently, none of her grandparents ever spoke about the days of slavery when Michelle and her siblings were growing up.

She’s a Strong Advocate for Childhood Health

It’s a well-known fact that Michelle Obama is very much into fitness. She’s described as working out furiously and she is also a strong advocate for health eating and proper exercise, particularly for children. She began the “Let’s Move!” campaign to reverse the modern trend of childhood obesity and has travelled across the nation to promote it.

The Let’s  Move! campaign aims to not only help put children on path to a healthy lifestyle, but it also aims to give support and advice to parents and caregivers on how to better encourage a healthy lifestyle for their children.

Michelle Obama Net Worth

The Michelle Obama net worth is estimated to be $11.0 million dollars, according to The Richest. On top of that, she has been on Forbes list of the 100 most powerful women in the world. In 2016, she was ranked at number 13, having dropped down three spots from 2015. However, it’s not her money that makes her memorable; it’s her extraordinary work in and out of the White House and the many memorable Michelle Obama quotes that will have people remembering this influential woman for years to come.