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Michelle Morgan chased storms to New Orleans and kept the local community updated on the weather. While she’s made a home in NOLA, she missed her hometown, too. So, Michelle Morgan is leaving WWL-TV to be closer to her family. Since the announcement, Eyewitness News at Noon viewers now want to know where Michelle Morgan is going and if she will continue to provide weather updates in southeastern Louisiana and southern Mississippi. Read on for the details on the meteorologist’s departure from WWL-TV.

Michelle Morgan to Step Back from WWL-TV

Michelle Morgan experienced her fair share of severe weather growing up in Brooklyn, New York. And this led her to study meteorology at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. And after receiving a BS in Meteorology in 2012, she earned a certificate in radio and television broadcasting technology from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in 2016.

Morgan worked at KRTV News Great Falls in Montana and WRIC ABC 8News in Richmond, Virginia. In 2021, she relocated to Louisiana and has been part of the WWL-TV news team since.

In a social media post in March 2023, the meteorologist said she spent the last seven years away from home. A few months ago, her five-year-old son, Jacob, asked to visit his grandparents but had to explain it was not possible because they live in Florida.

Morgan has since contemplated moving closer to her family so her son could have his grandparents present at his future milestones. She announced that she is returning to Florida with her husband and son.

The meteorologist has accepted a job on the weather team at WKMG News 6 in Orlando. And her last day on the air at WWL-TV will be May 21, 2023.

Michelle Morgan thanked her colleagues and everyone she met at WWL-TV. While her colleagues and views are sad to see her go, they’re happy she will be closer to her loved ones.

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But it’s not an immediate goodbye. New Orleans gets to watch Morgan’s weathercasts for two more months before she moves back to the Sunshine State.