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Jorge Linares’ hot pics from the ring have been plastered online for the past while, as he’s been on a bit of a winning streak. There’s no denying that Linares is a swoon-worthy—even with a black eye—which has left many wondering about Jorge Linares’ wife. It may come as bad news for some, but Jorge Linares and Michelle Linares are happily married, with a sweet little daughter named Chloe. To find out more about the lightweight champion’s wife, keep reading out Michelle Linares wiki.

Jorge Linares’ wife is just as beautiful as we’d expected—but we were disappointed to find that Michelle Linares’ Instagram page is virtually non-existent! There’s not much trace of her online, with not even the exception of personal social media accounts. While Michelle Linares’ age is unknown, we suspect her to be around the same age as her beau, who’s now 32 years old. There’s not much online to be found out about Michelle Linares, other than the fact that she supports her husband by attending his fights—but as you may know, there’s a ton about Jorge Linares!

She’s Married to One of Boxing’s Hottest Fighters

Jorge is a professional boxer, of Venezuelan descent. He’s a four-time champion in three weight classes; super featherweight, featherweight, and lightweight. For his achievements, he’s been ranked among the best boxers in the world by The Ring, Box Rec, and the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board. He’s often referred to as “El Nino de Oro,” which means Golden Boy. After kicking off his amateur career with an impressive 89-5 record, the boxer has won 41 of the 44 fights he’s participated in. He recently beat out Anthony Crolla for the WBA and Ring lightweight titles, which he fought hard for—and he’ll have to fight pretty hard again in a couple of months when he has to defend his title in another match against Crolla.

Leaning on Loved Ones

While Linares is a valiant boxer now, many doubted him a few years back; he suffered a couple of losses that really took a toll on him. He opened up to ESPN about the losses, and how they affected him in an interview, saying: “Bad moments in that time because I lost two times [in a row],” Linares said. “It was a very bad, bad time. I thought about retiring [after the losses]. But, you know, I had very good people around me. Everybody talked to me. Now I feel I’m in the best moment in my career.” It’s clear that his previous rough patch served as a learning experience for him, and it likely what keeps him so humbled in his success now. Speaking of leaning on the people closest to him, it’s safe to assume that Michelle Linares is his biggest supporter, along with his “littlest” supporter, his daughter Chloe.

His Upcoming HBO Match

An exciting venture coming up for Jorge Linares is his fight with British Boxer Luke Campbell, in the United States. This fight will mark Linares’ first fight in the U.S. since 2014, and his first-ever aired on HBO. “This is a great fight for me. I am the first Venezuelan boxer to headline an HBO show, and it is a huge privilege,” he said. “I hope that with this fight I leave a big enough impression and make Golden Boy, Teiken and HBO proud,” he told ESPN. When asked about how he’d go about scoring a victory against Campbell, he said that he’d be studying his fight against Ira Terry in L.A. for some pointers, since the two have very similar fighting styles.

To watch the fight between Linares and Campbell, tune into HBO at 10:00 p.m. EST! We’re sure his wife and daughter cheerleaders will be rooting him on!