Michael Jackson’s Net Worth. Photo: Tim Whitby / Stringer / Getty Images

Michael Jackson ’s net worth is estimated to be $600.0 million. The new Lifetime movie, Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland will air tonight, May 29, 2017. The television biopic is based on the 2014 book, Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days by Jackson’s bodyguards, Javon Beard and Bill Whitfield. The novel is about the final years of Michael Jackson’s life. Will the TV movie increase the late singer’s net worth? Take a look at Michael Jackson’s net worth in 2017 to know more.

Michael Jackson’s net worth of $600.0 million has a chance of increasing this year, thanks to the recent biopic about his final years. Although it has been almost eight years since Michael Jackson’s death, his legacy lives on in his three kids and family members. Here is everything we know about Michael Jackson’s growing net worth.

Michael Jackson’s Net Worth

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Michael Jackson’s Earnings

Years Earnings
2011-2012 $38.1 million
2012-2013 $47.0 million
2013-2014 $61.3 million
2014-2015 $70.5 million
2015-2016 $81.1 million

Michael Jackson’s Earnings from Albums

Albums Name Earnings
Xscape (Deluxe Edition) $104.8 million
Xscape $85.2 million
Bad 25th (Deluxe Edition) $64.9 million
Bad 25th $48.7 million
Immortal (Deluxe Edition) $41.5 million
Immortal $37.8 million

Michael Jackson’s Net Worth in Recent Years

2012 $342.8 million
2013 $480.0 million
2014 $521.7 million
2015 $600.0 million
2016 $600.0 million
2017 $600.0 million

Michael Jackson’s Early Life and Career

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Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana. He was the eighth of 10 children living in a two-bedroom house. During an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Jackson opened up about his abusive father, Joseph.

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Jackson belonged to a musical family. His mother, Katherine Esther Scruse, used to play the clarinet and piano. His father was a former boxer who also played guitar with a local band called The Falcons, to financially support his family.

In 1960, Jackson and his brothers, Tito, Jackie, Marlon, and Jermaine started the Jackson Brothers, formed by their father. The next year, they were renamed the Jackson 5. Two of the band’s songs, “I Want You Back” and “ABC” ranked well on Billboard’s Hot 100 lists.

Soon after that, the group gained recognition, with Michael and Jermaine Jackson achieving success as solo artists. From there, Jackson 5’s sales began to dwindle and a child star was on his way to becoming a pop sensation.

Michael Jackson’s Thriving Solo Career

Jackson’s debut album, Got to be There was released in 1972. The followup, Off the Wall was released in 1979, and further established him as a solo artist. He worked with several artists like Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, and producers like Quincy Jones. Besides his voice and songs, another factor that gave him a boost in popularity were the dance moves he incorporated into his performances and music videos.

It comes as no surprise that Michael Jackson is still regarded as the King of Pop today. He reached new heights due to the success of Thriller, which was released in 1982 and went on to be the best-selling album of all time.

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Michael Jackson’s Brand Name and More

Jackson earned his wealth from concerts, songs, and album sales. In 1984, he was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Furthermore, he was inducted to the Songwriters Hall of Fame and Dance Hall of Fame. Jackson is also one of the few artists who was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame twice.

The King of Pop was a philanthropist, who donated a lot of his time and money to charity. He also partnered with PepsiCo, to help sell billions of products. It was considered one of the most successful deals of all times, and added to the singer’s $600.0 million net worth.

Michael Jackson’s Lavish House

In 1988, Michael Jackson purchased a 2,700-acre estate in Santa Ynez, California to build his Neverland Ranch. It has been reported that Jackson spent over $17.0 million to buy the land, and spent about $100.0 million to develop it into his fantasy estate. Michael Jackson’s death was the result of an accidental drug overdose on June 25, 2009. His autopsy report states that he suffered cardiac arrest caused from acute propofol and benzodiazepine. The blame was put on his personal physician, Conrad Murray, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and served two years in prison.