Credits: Instagram/michaelbjordan and kobebryant

Apple launched its new version of Apple TV with a hilariously funny commercial that makes no sense whatsoever. Creed actor Michael B. Jordan and a two-time MVP Kobe Bryant star in the new Apple TV commercial in which they make fun of each other. And, the only thing that makes sense is a Siri feature on new Apple TVs that will make you forget about a “remote controller.” Watch the new Apple TV commercial below to find out how Michael B. Jordan pisses off Kobe Bryant.

We all love Apple TV for being the best blend of technology and smart TV, giving you unlimited entertainment at any time. Apart from being a major platform for live-streaming portals like Netflix, the all-new Apple TV features Siri. Apple’s voice recognition software, Siri, gets your commands like pause, play, change channel, and many more—much like what it used to do on iPhones.

You’ll definitely love this new addition to Apple TV as the quick access to a variety stuff makes you forget about the TV remote. That’s exactly what goes on in this new Apple TV commercial. As Michael B. Jordan is chilling out in Kobe Bryant’s trailer, the NBA legend turns on the new Apple TV and asks Siri to open the NBA app.


In the commercial, Kobe shows Michael a clip of himself playing for the Lakers at a young age. Kobe tells Michael that’s how he wants the actor to play him in a movie. So, we get a hint that Michael B. Jordan is playing the younger version of Kobe in a new movie—maybe a biopic? However, for all we know, this movie could be just for the sake of new Apple TV commercial.

As weird as it will be to Michael play Kobe on screen, the Golden Globe-nominee has another idea to play Kobe. Watch the video below of Apple’s commercial for the all-new Apple TV starring Kobe Bryant and Michael B. Jordan, and find out how the actor wants to play the basketball legend.

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