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Christmas is just around the corner, and now is the time to send greetings of joy and happiness. One of the best things you can do is to send some side-splitting merry Christmas memes to the people you love.

Memes make you laugh and cheer you up. The best antidote to a downbeat mood is a funny meme. There are memes on practically everything these days. Merry Christmas memes are everywhere, and are perfect to send to your family and friends. The Internet is stacked with funny Christmas memes that will guarantee a very merry Christmas 2016.

Here are five rib-tickling Christmas memes to share with your family and friends this holiday.

1) School’s Out! Make way for Santa.

merry christmas memes



2) When Santa’s had Enough

Merry Christmas Memes


3) What the Humans Don’t Know Won’t Hurt Them

Merry Christmas Memes 2016


4) If You’re Dreaming of a White Christmas

Christmas Memes


5) Beware of Those on the Naughty List

Christmas Memes 2016

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