Men’s Halloween Costumes 2016: 13 Men’s Costumes that Are Fantastic, Frightening, and Funny

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For all the men out there who are still looking for the perfect costume to wear this Halloween, we’ve compiled a list of both funny and frightening costumes you can wear this year.

Men probably have it harder than women when it comes to Halloween costumes. Women have a wide variety of options that men don’t. Added to it is the pressure of wanting to win that best costume prize at the Halloween party, with something truly unique. Here are 13 Halloween costumes for men that are scary, funny, and truly genius.

#1. Scary Mime

scary mime halloween costume


A bloodthirsty French clown is bound to get attention. The black and white striped ensemble has an added touch of blood to complete the frightening appearance. All you need to do is give a sinister smile that will chill people to the bone. Click here to buy the Freak Show Mime costume.

#2. Star Trek’s Spock

star trek spock halloween costume


The first officer of the Starship Enterprise is a classic costume. Spock never goes out of style, partly because the costume is equal parts personality as clothes. Style your hair to match Leonard Nimoy’s from the original Star Trek TV series, keep the piercing stare, and greet every trick-or-treater with “Live Long and Prosper.” Click here to buy the Spock costume.

#3. Suicide Squad’s Joker

suicide squad joker halloween costume


You can never go wrong with the criminal clown. You and your partner can be the ultimate duo as The Joker and Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad. Click here to buy the Joker costume.


#4. The Avengers’ Hawkeye

avenger hawkeye halloween costume


One of the most underrated Avengers, Hawkeye, is definitely a great option this year. There are plenty of people dressed as Captain America and Iron Man, so why not grab a bow and dress up as the expert marksman instead? Click here to buy the Hawkeye costume.

#5. Swashbuckling Pirate

swashbuckling pirate halloween costume


The most daring, adventurous, and thrilling buccaneer is one costume every man can pull off. Throw in phrases like “Ahoy Matey,” and add a little Jack Sparrow swagger to pull off the pirate look. Click here to buy the rustic pirate costume.

#6. Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger

freddy krueger halloween costume


The living nightmare himself, Freddy Krueger and his metallic claws are bound to haunt people in their dreams. Click here to purchase the different parts of the Freddy Krueger costume.


#7. Gentlemanly Skeleton

gentlemanly skeleton halloween costume


Whether you’re living or dead, it’s important to be a gentleman. The rib-cage baring vest over some black formals can be paired with some great skeletal makeup and a top hat. Click here to buy the skeleton vest.

#8. Floating Ghost

floating ghost halloween costume


Instead of throwing on a white sheet, try the black and white jumpsuit for a better floating spirit effect. You can even get into character, and add some ghostly howls for effect. To buy the floating ghost suit, click here.

#9. Headless Horseman

headless horseman halloween costume


The horror folktale is brought to life with this spine-chilling headless horseman costume. People are bound to gasp in surprise every time they turn and see they are talking to a headless torso. Click here to buy the headless horseman costume.

#10. Wolf in Granny’s Clothes

wolf in granny disguise halloween costume


If you’re familiar with the wolf who disguised himself as Red Riding Hood’s grandmother in the classic fairy tale, then this costume, complete with big ears, big eyes, furry tail, and the granny’s nightdress is perfect! This Halloween costume is really unique and funny, for anyone looking for an unconventional look. Click here to buy the Granny Wolf costume.

#11. Giant Cheeseburger

giant cheeseburger halloween costume


If you like a good cheeseburger, this one’s for you. The giant cheeseburger costume is ideal if you want to cover up that belly stuffed with burgers and fries. Click here to buy the flat cheeseburger costume.

#12. Hammerhead Shark

hammerhead shark halloween costume


If the great white shark is not to your liking, you can try the hammerhead. It’s funnier and can’t be mistaken for a regular ol’ fish. The hammerhead is still a terrifying shark even if it’s not the star of the Jaws franchise. Click here to purchase the hammerhead shark costume.

#13. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

ninja turtles halloween costume


Bring some nostalgia back with a familiar face. You can pick between any of the four ninja turtles: Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo, or Donatello.  Click here for the full body suit.

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