September 4 marks the first death anniversary of legendary comedian Joan Rivers. In light of the significant date, her 47-year-old daughter, Melissa Rivers, revealed where she picked for her famous mother’s final resting place. Melissa Rivers admitted that she scattered some of her mother’s ashes somewhere filled with memories of her family: Wyoming.

Melissa, along with her late mother and son (14-year-old Cooper), would vacation there every August. She said in a recent interview withEntertainment Tonight that while she was there last month, she dedicated some time to scattering the comedy legend’s ashes, so that she would always be there with them.

Melissa said, “Coop and I took our annual family vacation to Wyoming. [The] first without my mom and scattered some of her ashes there so we can still be together every August as a family.”


Rivers took over her mother’s shoes of hosting E! NewsFashion Police on August 31. She said she planned to mark her mother’s anniversary in a very low-key manner. Given this upcoming date, she said that her way of coping is to just stay focused on the present.

The actress also said that despite everyone’s expectations of her having a big plan for Friday, she will just spend the day with her son. “He is going to go to school, I am going to go to work and come home, light a candle, and have a glass of wine.”

Rivers also says that she and her son agree that the best way to respect Joan Rivers’ legacy is “to be okay.”

However, earlier this year she confessed to AARP The Magazine that it was hard being a “solo act” without her mother. “I was part of a comedy team. I was the straight man,” she shared, adding, “I’m trying to find my voice.”

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