Photo credit: Facebook/MelissaMcCarthyTheActress

The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon’s lip-sync battle is by far the most entertaining segment of the lot. Popular enough to launch a TV series called Lip Synch Battle, the segment possibly reached its peak when guest Melissa McCarthy promptly crushed her competition with two vastly differing songs.

Fallon kicked off the challenge with an old ‘70s track to much applause. But that was nothing compared to McCarthy lip synching to DMX’s “X Gon’ Give It To Ya,” which left Fallon and the Tonight Show band in awe.

Fallon followed up his track with Zayn Malik’s “Pillow Talk” using a sole pillow as a prop, but that paled in comparison to McCarthy’s conclusion: a rendition of “Colors of the Wind” from the soundtrack to the hit Disney classic Pocahontas. Using a variety of props including stuffed animals, glitter, and a stunning backdrop of forestry, McCarthy positively slayed the battle, got a standing ovation, and was crowned the undeniable winner.

Check out the full video below and let us know what your favorite part was!