Rapper J. Cole at State Farm Arena on September 27, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

About Melissa Heholt
Age38 Years
BirthDecember 17, 1985 New Jersey
SpouseJ. Cole
JobEvent Planner
OwnsStatice Events
AlumniSt. John’s University

While J. Cole’s creativity is boundless, details about his personal life are not. The hitmaker’s fans always ask who J. Cole’s wife is. Over the years, Cole has shared tidbits about his relationship with Melissa Heholt, his college sweetheart. But they keep their home life out of the public eye. It provokes a lot of curiosity about Heholt’s background and her relationship with J. Cole. So we’ve compiled all the details on J. Cole’s wife in this Melissa Heholt wiki.

Melissa Heholt’s Teaching Career

Melissa Heholt reportedly was born on December 17, 1985. She hails from New Jersey, but is currently based in North Carolina. There’s very little known about Heholt’s family, but she’s mentioned that she is the oldest of four kids.

Heholt attended St. John’s University in New York City. She recalled in an interview with Karlawithakay.com that she was unsure of her career path going into college. Being surrounded by her younger siblings, she considered a career where she could be a nurturer and caregiver.

She gave into peer pressure and changed her major a few times, including studying business for a while. She ended up graduating with a bachelor’s degree in health administration and working in unfulfilling jobs.

So she went back to school to earn her master’s degree in elementary education and pursued her initial plans of teaching kids. While working with kids was a dream come true, the education system was not.

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“I love kids but, ‘the state of education’ these days took the joy out of teaching. Honestly, I was unhappy. One year while on summer vacation, I kept thinking about not going back and a few weeks before school started, I just made the decision ‘I’m not going back!’” Heholt explained about her decision to quit teaching.

Melissa Heholt’s Wedding Planning Business and Career

After leaving teaching behind, Heholt reconsidered what she liked doing. She enjoyed event planning, but it was a hobby at that time.

With the encouragement of others, Heholt decided to pursue it professionally starting with an internship. She was hired as a freelancer after two months, which gave a huge boost to her confidence.

It gave her the push to start her own event planning company, Statice Events. It operates in the New York tri-state area, Maryland, and North Carolina mainly, but Heholt has often organized weddings in other states, too.

Besides her wedding planning, Heholt’s floral arrangements also draw clients in. Her work features in bridal publications and she even get shoutouts on social media. It’s unclear, however, if the business is currently active, as its official website and Facebook page are no longer available.

Heholt also does her part in husband J. Cole’s Dreamville Foundation. She serves as the executive director of the Fayetteville, North Carolina-based organization.

Melissa Heholt and J. Cole’s Relationship

Before he was Grammy-winning chart-topper J. Cole, he was the high school and collegiate basketball player Jermaine Cole. He attended St. John’s University on an academic scholarship and tried out for the basketball team.

It was at college that he met Melissa Heholt and they began dating. They married secretly, but details of their nuptials were a secret until 2016.

Filmmaker Ryan Coogler accidentally revealed in an interview that J. Cole is married. The rapper reluctantly confirmed the news. They were reportedly engaged in 2015 and tied the knot soon after.

Cole continued to remain tight-lipped about their marriage. In May 2018, he revealed they had a son together. And in July 2020, he revealed that they’d welcomed another son.