- MLB Shortstop's Wife Strikes on Instagram

Chicago Cubs shortstop, Addison Russell and Melisa Reidy have filed for divorce. There have been allegations of abuse against the 23-year-old athlete, and they’re coming from his wife. Get all the information you need with our Melisa Reidy wiki.

Who is Melisa Reidy-Russell?

Melisa Reidy’s age is 23 and Melisa Reidy’s nationality is American. She is a licensed cosmetologist from Bay Minette, Alabama. She was also Russell’s long-time girlfriend, before the two got married in 2016 in Florida. Melisa Reidy’s kid with Russell is their one-year-old son, Aiden Kai. Russell also has a second child, a daughter named Mila.

Melisa Reidy’s Instagram 

To find some of Addison Russell’s wife’s pictures, your best chance is to check out her public Instagram account. There you will find all the pics you want! From cuddling with her son to working out, Reidy’s life is very much an open book. However, we have noted the lack of Addison Russel pics among her plethora of photos. Were they removed when their marriage fell apart, or were they never even there to begin with? It certainly makes one wonder…

Reidy Accused Russell of Abuse

Reidy has filed for divorce from Russell after suspecting him of cheating, being abusive, and not caring about their son. In a June 7 Instagram post, that has since been deleted, Reidy wrote about being “cheated on, lied to and disrespected” and looking forward to “new beginnings.” Reidy has retained Thomas T. Field of Beermann Pritikin Mirabelli Swerdlove LLP, the same firm that represented Dwyane Wade during his custody battles. 


“In regard to infidelity, she owns those allegations that were set forth in her post,” Field said in a statement. “To the extent people want to draw conclusions that that was exclusively or not the reasoning behind her filing for divorce, people can certainly draw those conclusions.”

The MLB are Investigating

In a statement, the MLB have made it clear that they are investigating the abuse claims and in order for him to resolve the issue, Russell will not be playing until further notice.

“Last night, we were made aware of a serious claim posted on social media about Addison Russell,” the statement read. “We reached out to Major League Baseball, and following the protocol established by MLB, will fully cooperate with the Commissioner’s Office as it gathers pertinent facts. Addison will not be in uniform tonight to allow him to work through this matter.”

Russell said he is “definitely not ignoring” the divorce filing or the MLB probe, and said that the allegations are “false and hurtful.”

“I have the right support system,” he said. “I have a lot of fans out there making me feel better about the whole process. But when it comes down to it, I love playing baseball. I absolutely love this game.”


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Reidy Felt Pressure and Went Public

Reidy went public with the abuse claims, because “she was feeling a lot of pressure from media outlets, friends, family to speak up on the matter, and ultimately decided that she was more comfortable with having her counsel speak on her behalf,” said Field.


He added: “She is very grateful for everything Chicago has provided for her, and in particular the Chicago Cubs organization, and she does feel a part of that family, and they have been supportive of her just as she has supported Addison in his transition to the major leagues. She absolutely feels in part responsible for helping him get to where he is today.”

Reidy decided not to speak to the MLB during their investigation, but wants the divorce to be as swift and civil as possible.

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