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With the Suits season 6 premiere airing tonight, and fans trying to get the scoop on all things Suits season 6, we thought it would be a good idea to get you reacquainted with the Suits cast and the Suits characters that they play on the hit legal drama. It won’t be too hard to forget these memorable names, because the Suits season 6 cast is the same as last season’s, with a couple extras added for affect. So keep reading, to learn about the Suits season 6 characters and what to expect this season.

Mike Ross

As we all know, Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) was gifted with a photographic memory and has used it to his advantage in winning big cases, at what used to be one of the top law firms in New York City. Now, Ross has been admitted to Danbury prison after accepting a plea deal for conspiracy to commit fraud and there’s no telling when he will get out. There’s also no telling how much prison will change Ross, but fans can surely expect the experience behind bars will have an effect on him.

Harvey Specter

As the top attorney in the city, Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) has built his life on the once golden rule: winning. He does whatever it takes to win his cases and is known for bending the law just enough, without actually having to break it. But now, he and his firm are paying the price for a mistake he made in hiring Mike Ross and by doing so, breaking the law. At the start of the Suits season six premiere, fans will see Harvey do whatever it takes to set his friend free.

Jessica Pearson

Who could forget managing partner Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres)? From her great style, witticism and fierce attitude, there’s nothing that she wouldn’t do to keep her firm, including getting on board with Mike’s secret in order to survive a series of hostile takeovers. Jessica may seem cold and self-serving at times but she actually cares about her firm more than she lets on.

Louis Litt

He was once Harvey’s jealous rival but Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) has come to be a trusted ally, yet obviously still annoying from time to time. Now, Louis will do whatever he can to save the firm, even if that means letting Donna go back to working for Harvey.

Donna Paulsen

Her title may say executive assistant but her attitude says boss. Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty) is one of the sharpest minds at the firm and she’s extremely talented at giving people exactly what they need before they even know it. This kind of almost psychic ability allowed her to convince Harvey to hire her back when he was working at the District Attorney’s office, before joining the then Pearson Hardman firm. You can bet that she will still be in Harvey’s corner this season. Rafferty and Macht are also long-time friends behind the scenes and the chemistry certainly shows onscreen.

Rachel Zane

Last time we saw Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle), she was in her wedding dress watching Mike drive off to prison. Aside from fawning on old memories of Mike, fans wonder what’s in store for her this season. Tune in tonight to find out!