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Donald Trump is making serious changes to his campaign’s leadership in an attempt to win over America’s women. According to NBC News, Trump’s campaign manager is now Kellyanne Conway. With a successful career outlined in her history, Trump believes she is the appropriate choice. How old is Kellyanne Conway, anyway? The 49-year-old pollster and Republican strategist is officially on the Trump team in hopes to “make America great again.” Here are five Kellyanne Conway photos you need to see.

Mission: Nearly Impossible


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Considering Donald Trump’s poor track record with American women, Trump may need a miracle to improve his standing. Conway could be the answer to his prayers. According to The Washington Post, she works by offering Trump a range of options for how he should respond to given scenarios, instead of simply telling him what to do.

Thrilled for the Opportunity

Kellyanne Conway was featured on Real Time with Bill Maher on June 14 to discuss her role as Trump’s new campaign manager. With the title of president and CEO of Polling Co. Inc / Woman Trend under her belt, she may very well be the right fit! 

Not Afraid of Competition

A Fox News screen capture of Kellyanne Conway during a debate over new polling in the 2016 White House Race. It was captioned with a quote spoken by Conway about her competition, Hillary Clinton, stating, “She’s the second most popular person in a two-person household.” Ouch! She’s definitely not afraid to speak her mind.

Fighting Against Injustice


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At the Freedom Summit in 2015 in Greenville, South Carolina, Conway spoke to America’s largest community-based, anti-human trafficking event, taking a stand against injustice and promoting the value of human life.

Shaking Things Up

Kellyanne Conway is certainly shaking things up with her comments towards Trump’s presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton. She tweeted out, “We want to deny #HillaryClinton the Oval Office” earlier today! 

It’s probably best that Donald Trump hired new campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, as it seems his number were certainly slipping! Read more about that, here!