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American former artistic Olympic gymnast, McKayla Rose Maroney has been showing a side of herself that you’ve never seen before! As an obviously fit gymnast, Michaela Maroney’s now taking to her Instagram account to show the world that she’s not just athletic, but sexy, too! She’s been posting racy photos of herself and sending temperatures flying! If you compare Michaela Maroney then and now, she is not the same young athlete we once knew. Here are some interesting facts about the former Olympian, and since McKayla Maroney’s dancing video and Instagram photos are getting so much attention, we thought we’d bring you some of the McKayla Maroney hot pics everyone is freaking out about!

McKayla Maroney’s age is 21 and she was born on December 9, 1995 in Long Beach, California. She stands 5’3” and is a Senior International Elite in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics. She was also a member of the Fierce Five team, who won the gold medal for the American women’s team event at the 2012 London Olympic Games together.

She Comes from an Athletic Family

Maroney came from an athletic family. Her father was a quarterback at Purdue University and her mother was involved in high school sports and figure skating, so it’s no wonder she was such a bright young star!  If you’re wondering who is McKayla Maroney’s boyfriend, it looks like she is single right now. McKayla Maroney’s net worth is an estimated $4.0 million.

She’s a Retired Athlete

She retired on February 24, 2016 with 10 gold medals under her belt. Her retirement was decided after years of struggling with health issues. She had surgery on her knee in March 2014, and in March 2015, she stated in a video that she was also struggling with adrenal fatigue after the 2013 World Championships.

She Plans to Be a Pop Star!

In an interview with Seventeen, Maroney said she planned to hop into the recording studio and start a career in entertainment! She said she is working on her first album and wants to be the female Drake. She added that she has loved writing songs since she was very young, but as she grew older she decided she wanted to sing them to people herself. She also has acting roles in Hart of Dixie, Superstore, and Bones.

Her Nude Photos Were Leaked Online!

Maroney’s talent as an athlete is not the only thing she is famous for. In 2014, alleged nude photos of her were leaked online! It was during this time that several other celebrities discovered that their iCloud accounts were hacked, and intimate images of them were shared publicly on the Internet. The pictures of Maloney ended up on adult entertainment sites, but she denied that they were of her. Later on, however, lawyers confirmed the pictures were in fact of Maroney, taken before she was 18 years old! The lawyers demanded they be pulled from websites.

She’s Been Accused of Getting Lip Fillers

McKayla Maroney’s plastic surgery rumors also surfaced last year. The athlete-turned-entertainer denied the claims that she had lip injections in her interview with Seventeen. Based on McKayla Maroney’s Instagram photos, it does look like her lips are fuller, but maybe she is just that good at applying lip liner! Plus, with all the lip-plumping products on the market today, she could have just applied one that really works!

She’s the Face Behind a Viral Meme

If you don’t remember what she looks like, we have some hot pics of McKayla Maroney to show you. But she is widely known for her “not impressed” expression while she was standing on the Olympic podium, accepting her Olympic medal. It all began when a photographer captured the expression on her face after she won silver in the 2012 Olympics. The image quickly became a viral Internet meme, forever immortalizing the “sour” loser face.

Perhaps all her youth as an athlete forced her to grow up too fast, so now it looks like Maroney is taking some time to just be a kid and enjoy herself. All the power to her!