The Erin Andrews video trial continues and like any high-profile case, Hollywood’s finest are starting to chime in with their own takes on the matter. However, one celebrity in particular, Mayim Bialik, had more to say about the questions this case raises than the trial itself! Meanwhile, Andrews herself has taken the stand and more information has come to light, including that the abuse didn’t stay confined to that hotel—she also faced it at her workplace.

Here’s the necessary refresher course: Erin Andrews, sports reporter and Dancing with the Stars co-host, is suing a Marriott hotel in Nashville after a stalker recorded her in the nude via a camera he installed in her hotel room door’s peephole. His recording went viral and, as the jury learned last week, has likely been viewed at least 17 million times. Andrews is suing the hotel—not the chain, just that location—for $75 million in damages, citing emotional trauma (though she’s also claimed she believes hotel staff may have helped the stalker).

While there’s more than enough intrigue for the public coming from Erin Andrews’ trial itself, the case also raised some issues regarding matters of privacy; Andrews feels the same way, having worked to help enact stronger privacy laws. This aspect of the case didn’t go unnoticed by The Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik, who took to Instagram to comment. The image she shared looks to be taken from a stock image site of a keyboard with the word “privacy” standing between the keys. The meat of the post, however, is the caption: “Should we be held accountable – by society & by law – for the things we say on #socialmedia?” She wrote. “The FBI trying to unlock terrorists’ iPhones & a case in England have me thinking, and writing about it on @GrokNation. (Link in my bio) [sic].”


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Said link goes to Grok Nation, Bialik’s site for discussion on modern issues. The newest article, which uses the same image as the Instagram post, covers issues of privacy when it comes to solving crimes, namely if it’s okay to invade someone’s privacy if a situation calls for it and if it will protect people, and what we can and can’t say on social media in relation to the privacy we’re supposed to have. It’s clear that Mayim Bialik has given a lot of thought to this subject in light of the Erin Andrews video case.

Speaking of Andrews, she took the stand yesterday for the first time, speaking under oath about what happened to her back in 2008. And in doing so, we learned that ESPN, where she was working at the time, wasn’t the most understanding workplace after her nude video went viral. According to Andrews, because the culprit had yet to be arrested and nobody was sure where the video was taken yet, her bosses said she had to be the subject of a sit-down interview about the video before she’d be allowed to return to her regular sports reporting duties.

However, she was allowed to select who interviewed her, and she ultimately chose fellow “crime victim” Oprah Winfrey, who knew ahead of time that Andrews didn’t want to do the interview, but had to. Perhaps Mayim Bialik needs to sit someone at ESPN down and teach them a thing or two about personal privacy!


Photo: Instagram/missmayim

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