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Whether you heard about Michael Bolton’s Hollywood Game Night cameo or his latest project, the fact is that somewhere out there, someone has been asking about the identity of Michael Bolton’s wife. To put the questions to rest about Michael Bolton and Maureen McGuire, keep reading to learn more.  

Who Is Michael Bolton Married To?

The “When a Man Love A Woman” singer married McGuire in 1975 but they divorced in 1990, which put an end to 15 years of marriage. There’s no exact number on Maureen McGuire’s age but it could be around the same as her 64-year-old ex-husband. There isn’t even information on their wedding! That’s how long ago it was! Long before cell phones and social media were even a thought. But both have moved on since their marriage ended. But McGuire has lived a very private life and there’s no clear indication as to who she is.

Maureen McGuire’s Kids

During their 15-year marriage, Michael and McGuire had three children and they’re all grown up now: Taryn Bolton, Holly Bolton, and Isa Bolton. He also has five grandchildren, making Michael Bolton and Maureen McGuire proud grandparents.

Maureen McGuire’s Pics

There aren’t any legitimate photos of her, which makes it hard to narrow down the official Maureen McGuire Instagram account. We can only imagine her account being filled with pics of her daughters and granddaughter and how much they would enjoy being together. And let’s not forget the possibility of family vacations!


Michael Bolton and Nicolette Sheridan

Does anyone remember when Desperate Housewives alum Sheridan, 53, and Bolton were engaged? Well, they were but it ended it amicably in 2008. No one knows why they spilt but you can’t blame Bolton’s former mullet on this one—it was long after he had it!

Where’s McGuire’s Ex Now?

While we can’t find where McGuire is now, we can find her more famous ex-husband and what he’s been doing lately besides appearances and tours. Bolton, being the philanthropist that we know and love, is trying to save Detroit. The singer is working on a documentary about the work being done to restore the Motor City. The documentary is still untitled but so far it’s getting mixed reviews from locals.

“Look, to have somebody of his stature reach out and tell the story, the way it is and not just tell ruin porn, showing the same six burned-out shops, I like that,” said billionaire Cleveland Cavaliers owner and Detroit native Dan Gilbert. “He’s going to show what happened, where this city was and then all the great things happening.”

Bolton Isn’t Ready to Retire

“My grandfather was a plumber from Ukraine and Kiev,” Bolton said to The Washington Post. “He worked pretty close to the time he passed away. He said, ‘When you stop working, you die.’ And I tend to agree. I can’t imagine slowing down or retiring. When someone uses the word retiring, that’s the last thing I think about. I think about expansion.”

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