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Though many people want to know about his love life, the actor seems to be focussed on his work. The fact is, Matt Czuchry’s girlfriend in 2018 seems to be his career! He’s not looking at ladies, he’s learning lines for his latest lead on The Resident! But who has this stud dated in the past? Learn more about his dating timeline right here.

When The Resident premiered, it was the comeback of heartthrob, Matt Czuchry. The charismatic actor made people stand up and take notice with his roles on Gilmore Girls and Friday Night Lights. Apart from his acting prowess, aspects of his personal life drew the media and the public’s attention. Now, with his starring role in The Resident, fans are falling for him all over again and want to know who Matt Czuchry’s dating or has dated in the past.

Before delving into his love life, we should go into his background (especially for those who have been living under a rock). Czuchry was greatly influenced by movies and the way stories were told. In fact, by the time he graduated, he knew what he wanted to do. So, he packed his bags and moved from Johnson City, Tennessee to Los Angeles, California to try out his luck in acting. The gamble paid off and the rest, as they say, is history.

Dating Timeline

Matt Czuchry

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There is no denying that Matt Czuchry is a great actor. However, his love life is something that people typically ask about. With his talent and looks, there is no surprise as to why that is! Who is Matt Czuchry’s girlfriend? Take a look at his dating history.

Matt Czuchry’s dating timeline includes noteworthy names such as Archie Punjabi, Kate Bosworth, and even Julianna Margulies. Though many wondered if his on-screen chemistry with Alexis Bledel translated off-screen, the two seem to be good friends.

According to the New York Post, the actor said in an interview, “I don’t mind being single. I don’t mind being in a relationship. Either is fine with me. I’ve enjoyed the long relationships I’ve had, and I’ve enjoyed being single as well.” Beyond this, he is known to guard his private life quite zealously, so we might never know if he is in a relationship.

For all we know, Matt Czuchry is married! Though we probably would have heard about him trying the knot with a special someone, we can almost certainly say that he is married to his work. He revealed that there is lot of good work in him that still needs to come out.

According to his website, “he remains cognizant that each new project choice must be more discerning than the last and that each new performance demands a higher level of excellence.”