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Louisville residents tuned into Matt Breland’s forecasts on weekends for two years. But now the young meteorologist is taking a bow. Matt Breland announced he is leaving Spectrum News 1 Kentucky for a different opportunity. Naturally, Spectrum News viewers want to know where Matt Breland is going next and if he will continue in broadcasting. Read on to find out what the meteorologist said about his departure from the news station.

Matt Breland Exiting Spectrum News 1

Matt Breland grew up in Sumrall, Mississippi, where his family is still based. After earning an associate’s degree from Jones College in 2016, he received a bachelor’s degree in geosciences from Mississippi State University in 2018.

His on-air career began right after college. He moved to Alabama and had a brief stint as a part-time weather specialist at Tuscaloosa’s WVUA 23.

Breland then relocated to Montgomery and joined the Alabama News Network as a meteorologist from 2018 to 2019. He was later the on-air meteorologist and web producer at Dothan’s WTVY News 4 until 2020.

In 2021, the charismatic meteorologist landed in Louisville to work full-time at Charter Communications. Breland has been part of the mass media company’s weather team at Spectrum News 1 Kentucky, doing the weekend morning forecasts for over two years.

While Breland is a phenomenal broadcast meteorologist, he has been aspiring for change and new challenges since the start of 2023. And on April 24, the news broke on his official social media that Matt Breland is leaving Spectrum News 1 and the broadcasting business altogether.

The meteorologist will be working at Spectrum News 1 until mid-May. But he hasn’t yet revealed his last day on the air.

Breland accepted a job outside the TV industry but will remain in Louisville. And when he leaves the studio, he will switch gears to sales and finance.

However, Breland is not leaving meteorology for good. Although he won’t be doing forecasts on air, he will share updated weather information on social media.

Breland wrote on social media, “I will ALWAYS be a meteorologist! It’s part of my identity! The passion I have for the forces in the skies of our planet will continue to amaze me and I’ll still be active on other media platforms with weather information. I assure you all that the support I’ve received from childhood to now for pursuing this career will certainly not be wasted!”

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So followers can remain connected with him on social media. Meanwhile, make the most of his last weeks on the air before Matt Breland leaves Spectrum News 1 Kentucky.