Since his breakthrough in White Collar as notorious and charming thief Neal Caffrey, Matt Bomer has managed to capture the hearts of millions. And the 38-year-old’s recent tribute to Denis O’Hare was nothing short of heartwarming.

O’Hare’s original tweet read, “How much do I love this job? You wouldn’t believe the things I get to do. #AHSHotel.” In response to this Bomer wrote, “Love working with you Denis. Out of all your brilliant performances on AHS, Liz is my favorite!”

Fans seemed to agree with the actor’s point of view. One wrote, “I couldn’t agree more! Liz Taylor is an amazing character that only Denis could portray so perfectly [sic].” Another fan even admitted, “Not gonna lie. I started watching AHS for you Matt but completely IN LOVE with @denisohare & his Liz! O’Hare has had roles in four of the five American Horror Story series. What’s more, the Milk actor was also nominated for an Emmy two times.

Furthermore, one follower of Bomer acknowledged the star’s down-to-earth nature and wrote, “This is why I love you so much, because despite all the success and the fame, you’re still the most humble person on earth [sic].”

Meanwhile, things are looking up for Bomer’s career after Magic Mike and AHS, as he has been roped in to play the protagonist in Amazon Studio’s The Last Tycoon. The interesting part is that this drama genre pilot is derived from legendary writer F. Scott Fitzgerald’s final, incomplete manuscript, The Love of the Last Tycoon. Additionally, next May, alongside Ryan Gosling, Kim Basinger and Russel Crowe, Bomer will appear in The Nice Guys, in a negative role for the first time!

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