As the saying goes, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. That’s what the message is for Stephen Bannon, the CEO of the Donald Trump’s election campaign. A 20-year-old incident has come back to haunt him when he least expected it. Stephen Bannon’s ex-wife, Mary Louise Piccard had accused Bannon of physically assaulting her when they were still married. The Stephen Bannon domestic abuse police report is circulating on the Internet causing major embarrassment to Bannon.

Haunted by the Past

Mary Louise Piccard claimed that when she was Stephen Bannon’s wife, Bannon had physically abused her several times. The particular incident that is causing this stir now in political circles happened about 20 years back. According to Piccard, she and Bannon got into an argument over their finances. On January 1, 1995 Piccard wanted to go to do some grocery shopping and asked Bannon for his American Express card. Bannon told her she did not need it and went outside to get into his car. She followed him and asked him why he was playing such games with her. She told him she wanted a divorce and he should find another place to live.

Things Get Ugly

That is when things got ugly. According to Piccard, Bannon grabbed hold of her neck with one hand and held her wrist in the other. He tried to drag her into the car. Piccard says she fought him by hitting him in his face and managed to get free. She ran inside and picked up the phone to call 911. As soon as Piccard started to speak, Bannon came and grabbed the phone away from her. He hurled it on the floor and the phone broke. As he was doing this, Bannon was verbally abusing Piccard and called her ‘a crazy f**king c**t.’ Luckily for Piccard, the police arrived shortly and took her statement.

Can’t Hide Cryin’ Eyes

The police report says that Piccard was very upset and appeared to have been crying. Her eyes were red and watery. Piccard thanked the police for coming so soon. The police report says that it took around 4-5 minutes for Piccard to calm down. After the police took Piccard’s statement, they charged Bannon with ‘misdemeanor domestic violence, battery and dissuading a witness.’ However, the charges against Bannon were later dismissed. The report mentions that Piccard said that she was ‘threatened’ that if she went to court, she would end up with no money to support her children and herself.

Not a Role Model

Piccard said that they had been together for some six and half years before they got married. By then, Piccard was already pregnant with Bannon’s children. In fact, the twins were born just three days after their wedding on April 18, 1995. It’s obvious that Bannon is no idea about responsibility, even though he has accused others of being irresponsible, including Bill Clinton. The police report clearly states that there were red marks on Piccard’s neck and wrist where Bannon was alleged to have held her.

Terrible Timing

This police report posting on the net has come at a very bad time for Bannon and the Trump campaign. Trump is trying hard to increase his support among women and the last thing he needed was his campaign manager’s character to be questioned. Being called a ‘wife beater’ is probably the worst thing that could happen to Bannon, especially at a time when Trump is trying to improve his image among women voters. It seems all of Washington is agog with talk about Stephen Bannon’s wife and the police complaint that she had filed 20 years ago! Bannon has cleverly navigated his way out of troubled waters before, so it remains to be seen how he handles this problem.

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