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Recently in the news for allegedly demanding more money from Mary J. Blige, Kendu Isaacs says it’s difficult for him to find a job. His ex-wife being candid about their split is reportedly a big factor in his request for increased spousal support. We have a few interesting details about him, including a peak into Kendu Isaacs’ net worth.

If you’re wondering who Kendu Issacs is, then you came to the right place. He used to be singer Mary J. Blige’s husband. The 49-year-old Kendu Isaacs and Mary J. Blige got married in 2003 and were together for 12 years. For everything you need to know about him, keep reading our Kendu Isaacs wiki.

Kendu Isaacs’ Children

Although the couple don’t have any children together, Isaacs has three kids from a previous relationship: Briana, Jordan, and Nas.

Kendu Isaacs’ Girlfriend

Isaacs reportedly cheated on Mary J. Blige with Starshell, an upcoming 28-year-old artist. Blige had signed Starshell to her Matriarch Entertainment record label. In her court papers, the “No More Drama” singer claimed that Isaacs spent more than $420,000 on his girlfriend, but didn’t, however, reveal her name. Sources also claim that he was verbally abusive to Blige. His lawyer, Robert Brandt denied these claims saying, “Allegations that have been made about Kendu are false, unfair, mean-spirited and sad. The court can deal with it if it’s relevant. He’s a very pleasant guy. He’s not abusive. He’s not the one going to the press. His goal is to reach an amicable resolution with her and have this commentary cease and desist. It doesn’t help any of them. It’s misleading. He cares about Mary. He wants her to do well.”

Kendu Isaacs’ Divorce

When the couple filed for divorce in 2016, Isaacs asked for spousal support of a whopping $100,000 per month. However, he was only granted a $30,000  monthly payment. Recently, he requested an increase in spousal support, claiming that he is unable to find a job after Blige publicly discussed their split.

Kendu Isaacs’ Net Worth

Though details about Isaacs’ net worth have not been made public, Mary J. Blige’s net worth is estimated to be $20.0 million.

Kendu Isaacs’ Instagram

Isaacs’ is pretty active on Instagram and other social media platforms. With 32.5k followers, the man is fairly popular, but his account is private so getting an inside look into his life is not easy. However, pictures of him and Blige can be found on her Instagram account.


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With controversy surrounding their divorce and his alleged girlfriend, we’ll have to wait and see if Kendu Isaacs has better luck finding a job and financially getting back on his feet.